Wedding Song Idea Story


So I was talking to my fiancé last night and we were looking for songs to possibly walk down the aisle too. Me, being the huge Linkin Park fan that I am, started to frantically look for any instrumental LP song I could find. I saw this and was instantly like “YES”. Best part is my fiancé said she really liked it and that we can walk down the aisle to it!
Felt like it was a big win and had to share with my LP family!


Like it! :heart: :heart_eyes: It would be really cool! Congrats on your wedding!! :smile: :sun_with_face:


Thanks! :grin:


Awwww, so romantic- you guys will cry… I at least would- out of happiness - thanx for the nice share, maybe we get some pics to see then? Happy for you guys :heart:

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Thanks! :grin:

I will definitely post some photos for you guys! We wont be getting married until September of '19 so will still a ways out.


That will be such a beautiful moment!
Congratulations, look forward to the wedding photos.

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:hushed: she let you make a wedding decision? :crazy_face: she’s a keeper! :stuck_out_tongue:
That’s an awesome choice :grin: when it gives you chicken skin you know it’s a good choice :slight_smile: haha

If and when it’s my turn I’ll try to nominate this one since I suck at dancing/don’t dance


This gives chills!!! Dude that’s so great!
And why the hell haven’t I considered to learn to play One More Light on piano- jesus.

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haha right? It kind of surprised me too!! I think she’s just happy that I’m interested in helping in any way possible… well in any way that doesn’t include the nerdy ideas but thats mostly because I have to get on her nerves a little and joke around.:rofl:

I actually have heard that song and really do like it. I’m sure it might have to make its way into the wedding somewhere :slightly_smiling_face:

I suck at dancing too, but I guess as long as I’m having fun I’m happy. I’ll just try not to embarrass her… too much:grin:


@benjaminmanastorm It’s awesome! If I could play piano I think I’d consider it ha


I’m getting married next year and me and my fiance are looking at a lot of lp song for our first dance together he know I’m a big fan of linkin park . Can anyone tell me what the best song to dance to.


I’d think you’d want a more mellow beat, at least that’s what comes to my mind when I think first dance. Doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be lol. So if you were to use a Linkin Park song I think I’d go with Shadow of the Day.

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Congrats @justinkilmer!


@amitrish Thanks :grinning:


Can’t go wrong with cello

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Definitely! Just look at this:


Hehe ah you sound like my kinda bro, dorking around just to push their buttons lol :stuck_out_tongue:

But who’s got the nerdy ideas? Cuz I’m picturing like a Star Wars themed wedding :grimacing: haha


@framos1792 Haha yes! Someone else nerdy! :crazy_face::nerd_face:

I’ve had quite a few ideas, luckily I am able to use one of them haha.

We asked people to be in our wedding, and made boxes with the items inside. I have a metallic Batman symbol on the outside, and put Deadpool socks on the inside for all the Groomsmen to wear on the day of the wedding.


@amitrish Thats pretty awesome!!


I put that link in there and the song was stuck in my head for the whole day. I played myself.


Btw, can you keep one aside for me? I like this DC/Marvel crossover.