Want to buy LPU cds to complete collection

LPU 12 is my fav, but no it’s not worth that much.

What do you like about that cd? Does that one have unreleased tracks? I just looked at the songs list and they look like good demos. I see there is a song from 1998 on there interested as to what that sounds like. Do tell what you like about it :blush:

Pretty much all LPU songs (bar a couple) are unreleased. I just like the songs on 12 the most. No other reason.

I got the cd! :hugs: And it’s exactly what we thought we ordered. They must of had extra stock if these weren’t in the LPU store before :grin: Hope you gets yours soon!


Yay! Haha well going by @the_termin8r I could be waiting a few years for mine but super stoked that you’ve got yours already!! :grinning:


remember that CD where fans names i think it was first 100 or 500 was written on cd i never got my copy because they mailed it to wrong address i got the email and my name was on list. wondering which cd it is,. anyone know?

Just a quick update.
Pretty excited at the moment because i’ve managed to get LPU 6 and LPU 9 on Ebay! :slight_smile:
Haven’t bought SFTU yet from that amazon link.

My collection is slowly coming together!!! :heart:

My collection is missing:

LPU 1.0

LPU 2.0

LPU 3.0

LPU 4.0

LPU 12.0

LPU 13.0

LPU 16.0

Songs from the underground

A decade underground



I never heard about them doing that, but that really sucks yours got mailed to the wrong address :frowning:

Cool that you’re collecting these. I just have the digital versions, but I remember it was challenging for some just finding the correct (original) artwork.

Some really good music hidden on these CDs.

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Im most likely going to have to buy the digital versions for the early ones which kind of sucks (I had to get the digital of LPU16 because the cd ran out so quick)
I love having CDs and records though and being able to see the artwork and hold something lol

I believe it was hybrid theory EP. I joined during the second year if the LPU and didn’t renew after year 10 and I don’t have a personalized cd.

Don’t give up on the older cds. I managed to snag a copy of hybrid theory EP maybe in LPU 4 year on eBay and it’s legit copy. Know what you are looking for! But if you wait a while the prices will come down. I also have a second copy of the EP I got when they released all of the older LPU cds into the LPU store as a special thank you. They sold out quick but it was a nice thank you to the fans. I’m keeping that one sealed unless I need it some day. They could do that again, who knows! (Be careful of the fakes when it comes to the EP). I’ve seen the older LPU cds out there but they are price gouging. If you wait you may be pleasently surprised :blush:

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The physical copies on the store are real :slight_smile: expensive shipping but ah well :wink: Also, managed to get a real HTEP2001 for £80 a few weeks ago…

I’m trying to find a Waiting For The End single but no luck so far

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You’re insane.


Why thank you!


But in seriousness, it’s not what you call rational to spend £80 on a CD, but then again I can’t talk considering what I spend my money on. :joy:

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Yeah your race-thing-a-bobs are expensive as hell…

I spent about £400 or slightly more on the LP-UK tour :joy: It was worth it though :man_shrugging:

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I’ve spent about 60$ on just the Leave Out All the Rest Jap CD single for the M.Shinoda remix. Totally worth it. There are just so many odds and ends here and there. I’m only missing LPU16 cd. It’ll turn up somewhere eventually.


2 copies of LPU 16 were up for bid on ebay last week but went for around $300 each! :open_mouth:
I really wanted one but definitely wasn’t paying that much lol

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The Hybrid Theory EP has some really cool songs on it, like Carousel.

Plus, it led to one of the most successful debut albums in the world.