Want to buy LPU cds to complete collection

Does anyone know of any collectors, or have LPU cds yourself you’re willing to part with?

My collection is missing:

LPU 1.0

LPU 2.0

LPU 3.0

LPU 4.0

LPU 6.0

LPU 9.0

LPU 11.0

LPU 12.0

LPU 13.0

LPU 16.0

Songs from the underground

A decade underground

Ive been having a look on Ebay but Im not very good at it and don’t trust the ‘stores’ selling multiple sealed copies.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m looking for 11-16 so I get the completing the collection :blush:. I have a feeling that doing the download from the LPU store will be the only way to complete the collection without spending a bunch of money :pensive: I don’t like the download option :pensive: I have seen some LPU 2 cds on eBay and 4.0 but right now everyone has jacked up prices :pensive: And I have yet to see a LPU 16 disc out there since those were limited I’m sure they will cost a ton of money :pensive: Back in the day though the LPU store would put up the older cds (only physical copies were sold back then) of the previous cds including 1.0 ( that’s how I got mine). I’m holding out hoping that will happen for the ones I need to complete my collection. Also I should note that I had to re buy the 9.0 (I think) cd because I must have lost mine. Got it from a reseller on eBay that had multiple copies and it’s a legit copy of the LPU cd. I don’t know how they have so many copies but whatever.


These days it’s pretty difficult to get physical copies if LPU albums. As far as I’m aware LPU 1 is pretty much impossible. I got my LPU 9 and SFTU from amazon so you might want to check there.

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Yeah, some of those older ones are especially hard to get a hold of. Why when I look at it now. I am glad I still have mine.

Only ones I don’t have are 11-15. And those, I am okay with not having. The digital downloads are just as good. Even though I don’t have physical copies.

Not sure if I could ever come to terms of getting rid of them lol. They are probably the main part of my LP music collection On top of all the LPU 1 News Letters, stickers and all the bonus stuff. Still have all my old membership cards too lol.


Im a bit worried about scammers selling me fake copies. Do you have any tips on amazon sellers? I always try to ask as many questions as possible and see photos.

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Mine seem legit. This is the SFTU I bought, the lpu 9 seems to be gone. Lpu albums tend to be stupid expensive. SFTU and 9 are my only legit ones, the rest are you tube to mp3 conversions :stuck_out_tongue: Also you don’t really need ADU as it is the same as SFTU but with 2 extra songs that appear on the other LPU albums.



I was just in the LPU store to order discs for 14 and 15 and found that they have disc for 11 physical copy to buy for $5. I hope I didn’t get screwed with a digital but it said I will be getting a physical copy when I had it added to my cart. Again that was from the LPU official store.

I’m not sure if they have physical copies left. In the past (if I recall correctly) the CD option was there but it didn’t mean there were any in stock. My advice is get the mp3s and then burn them on to your own CDs.

If that’s the case that’s a bummer. I’ve been watching the store and that’s the first time I’ve seen 11 come up for physical copy. I’m hoping they ship me a physical. Hopefully I’ll find out when they confirm it’s been shipped.

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It wont accept my address :frowning:
I live in Australia. The store has never had any issues before with my address :frowning:
I hope its not an offer only valid for America.
When I added it to my cart it started a count down on an hour!
How do I sort out the address issue?

Never mind lol. Clicking my address a bunch of times somehow worked haha


I haven’t bought anything from the LPU in years, do you know how long this takes for them to prep the order and ship? I’m just curious about the 11 cd and what we will get lol. I feel like they were a little slow with shipping out but it was years ago so I don’t really remember lol

haha not sure to be honest. I don’t even know where to find my purchase history on here :stuck_out_tongue:
I always assume I wont get packages for 4weeks because I live in Australia

Fair enough! I’ll let you know when mine ships then unless yours ships first. I assume they send an email with what in the package they ship out. It’s like the Christmas waiting game lol I know what’s coming but not sure when lol :joy:

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hahaha definitely! I just went searching through my emails and found it took a week to ship out the last CDs I bought so now I just wait with excitement! :grinning:

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If you’re abroad it will take a time longer than eternity. If you’re in Australia your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be dead before it comes. :joy:


All three cds I ordered are shipping today!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: 11 is one of the three!!! So excited!! :laughing: I’m surprised it’s shipping so fast!!

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On eBay there is an LPU 12 cd going for $75 with two more hours of bidding left and an LPU 13 going for $40 with the same amount of time left. I get that LPU cds are awesome and all but I wonder why those two are going for so much money. Both cds are bid only. What am I missing here? That’s way over priced for those cds! Anyone know? I get a physical copy of 16 going for that much since they were limited but not ones from the last few years.

Someone’s desperate. I wouldn’t pay more than £15 for an LPU CD.

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They have to be! Lol the 12 cd is over $122 with exactly 2 hours left…why would anyone pay that much? Is that cd that amazing or something?

Edit: final winning bids are in LPU 13 sold for $71 and LPU 12 sold for $202.50 that’s crazy!