UK Meet and Greet

Morning guys,

Anybody have any joy? I’ve not had an email yet, so I assume I haven’t won again :frowning: I’ve not won a M&G since 2004 Meteora World Tour, so was really hopeful this time, but alas, not meant to be.

Once I know the UK emails have been sent, I can stop looking at the inbox every 5 mins lol.


I applied for Leeds and so did my sisters, we haven’t heard anything yet either!

I’ve not heard anything yet either, still keeping my fingers crossed… it would be nice if they eiither said the day when the emails would be sent or an email to say you have been successfull / unsuccessful.

The anticipation is killing me. im also checking my mails every hour…

Rockenseine France is tomorrow 18h45 and mails were sent yesterday at 19/30 more or less… I think for uk you will know tonight or tomorrow…

Just got my email. So excited :slight_smile:


Awesome! Do you mind me asking, are you going to Reading or Leeds?

Thanks for the replies all. Enjoy the meet and greet those who were lucky :slight_smile: Looks like it’s not on the cards for me again.

Hi Victoria. Reading! Can’t wait. Will be an awesome show too. Sorry Andrew. :frowning:

I’m sure it will be, congratulations :blush: I think if you found out about Reading today when Mike is playing there Saturday, the Leeds folk should get an email tomorrow because he’s playing there Sunday. That’s my hope, anyway! :joy:

I lost all hope until I saw the post about M&G for the France show tomorrow only being released yesterday! Ill keep my fingers crossed for you :relaxed:

I like this theory lol. I’m going Leeds, not Reading. So I’ll hang in there for another 24 hours of torture lol.


Congratulations, that’s Why I said to wait till tonight, enjoy :blush:

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I’ve got my fingers crossed for you Andrew! Let me know!

Thank you! Enjoy it.

I’m trying to stay positive. If I dont get a M&G, I can get a better spot in the crowd as I’ll stay by main stage from midday. If I do get a M&G then that’s obviously awesome in and of itself. Time will tell. :slight_smile:

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Me too, see you there!

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Out of interest, what time is the Reading M&G?

I have no idea, they said they’d email on the day with more details. I’ve emailed them asking though as im driving 3 hours to get there and don’t know how early to leave. I was intending on getting there for 1pm as Mike’s on at 2.50 but now I dont know if the m&g is before or after. I’m guessing before!

Ah, it sucks when they do that. My wife got meet and greet at Download 2014 and they emailed the location and time on the day. The issue you have is that 4G is almost impossible to connect to at a festival because you’ve got like 50,000 phones in the field. Can be a nightmare. We almost didn’t manage to get her to the right place in time.

Can someone tell me if its true that you get a personal photo with Mike in the M&G

I’d also like to know. Don’t think so though?