UK Meet and Greet

Itd be amazing if that were true. I’ve wanted one of them for 18 years.

LPLive on Twitter retweetet a fan a while ago where you can see it. Someone in the comments said that

Just asked someone who was at the France m&g tonight and they confirmed individual photos :slight_smile:


Any news on when the M&G is? Wondering too how early to get there!

Absolutely no idea! I was planning on heading down for 1pm originally before i found out I won. Now I dont know whether to head down for 10am or what just to be safe?

Ana just emailed me back and said typically the M&G is any time between 1 and 3 hours before his set x

that’s so early! I thought surely it would be after. But thanks for the info!

Hi just wondering if anyone has had a email about leeds, I presume they would have been sent out this evening but havent seen anyone say they have one


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Hi! I got an email about Leeds. The time on it is 11:20pm

Did anyone else from here get an email? apart of victoriakinnaird

Ok now i really need to win!!

My little sister got one too! But my big sister didn’t :cry:

Well done to those who got one. I failed again lol.