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@jessicarister it’s weird you say you write lyrics but can’t play an instrument
I am exectly like this

Lyrics is my way of expression although not all my songs have a relation to me at all

You can find some of my works right here on the forum in the barracks

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@acemasters Cool. I thought I was the only one. It’s good to know. What are the forums that have your lyrics on them?


I will tag you in them

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Just link the topics into here @acemasters


Or do that haha

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Here is a few @jessicarister

How would like to join our lyrics activity group
The Unity Of Us
We are currently writing something but you could join us on the next project


How full into detail are you with your writing. I like writing detail but too much detail for some stories from some authors is too much. Like I wouldn’t spend a paragraph talking about how shining the ocean was. But I do use detail enough so when I or someone reads a story of mine that it would feel like they are there.


Hi. I’m a beta reader for a few indie authors. So I’m always on board to help others. Are there any titles in particular you might want a review on?

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@acemasters OK. I’ll take a look at it.


@acemasters I would love that. I haven’t written lyrics in awhile. My first song was very dark and violent, long story. I wrote some others about love and faith. The bad news is I have none of them. I mainly write blogs, poems, short stories, novellas, and novels, but some of my free writing could get turned into music if tweaked a bit. Some of my journal entries could be songs too. So, I guess the music never really left me, just suppressed.


@intheend Yes too much detail is not good. It depends on the scene and what I want my readers to react to. My love and action scenes are detailed, as well as what the characters look like, but spread it out. A whole paragraph on how beautiful someone’s hair is a little much.


@chelsea25us I read all genres both fiction and nonfiction. I even read a cookbook, lol.

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Yeah, I like to do research on what my characters will look like. Hair, skin tone, personality, eye color, bunnies, etc. that’s my favorite thing to do and to pick a name that matches them, it has to fit the character.


@chelsea25us I don’t have any titles you could critique. Or did you mean something different? :3

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If you already have ebooks on Amazon I would prolly buy them. I’m always interested in different genres. At home an OCD reader. While driving its almost always a LP cd.

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@intheend in my creative writing class we used character sheets. It’s all good for strictly fictional characters or characters that only have a small part in the book based on a real person. I met a challenge when basing what is going to be a main character, when I based one on Chester, even though his character is strictly fiction, some of his characteristics will be infused with the character. When I started his character sheet I was able to fictionalize him fine, but core characteristics, personality, and some other minor things was where the challenge was, or is. I was like favorite color, ummmm. So, this is what I have been researching. Chester.


Information junkie like me? I’ll read anything (with the exception of Don Quixote.) I can visualize scenes, characters, and dialogue in my head, but I’ve never been able to put the words on paper. So in my mind it stays, hoping to figure out how to unleash someday.


@chelsea25us and anyone else who wants to view this. Amazon Author Page

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@chelsea25us, @intheend, and anyone else. Some authors make stories or a short story collection together, maybe we could too.

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Bought all 4!

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