Tickemaster ticket limit is 4 not 6 :(


Very excited about the pre-sale for Birmingham BUT very dissappointed that when I came to book - the ticket limit is 4. There are 5 people in my family who all desparately want to go. I thought things would be OK as the Ticketmaster limit indicated 6 tickets.

Very dissappointed now. Not sure what I can do. Any suggestions?

Maybe make 2 accounts under 2 different names and buy the remaining ticket with that one?

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Possible but would have been much nicer to keep the family together as a group. (I’m after seated tickets)

MY first time I buy presale with my code I received is this valid for ticket master ?? I received code from lpu

My first attempt at presale tickets too, but yes, the codes are for ticketmaster. Once you have selected the venue, there is an option to enter the code for presale.

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HI mine is not working it begins with POS any ideas?? how can I contact LPU to get new code ??

Try emailing them, but IDK if it will work. My code started with an LPU.

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Going back to TM, I noticed that the limit IS 6. IDK why it says 4 for you @greg209

It turns out that the limit is on the presale. My session timed out, I went back in to the Birmingham venue and it listed a max of 6 tickets. As soon as entered my LPU code the limit went down to 4 - so basically it looks like I might have to battle when they go on general release. :frowning2:

Note: it says (Max 4).

Arrghhhh - and why?

LPU presales are limited to 4 tickets per person, that’s why.

Also, @andyd3, codes that started with POS were for the OML pre sale, not the LPU one.

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Yeah, I’ve seen the limit now - still disappointing that the venue limit is higher.

In terms of POS and LPU codes, I purchase the pre-order CD and LPU subscription so have two codes. Can I use both to access presale tickets? So I can get the 5 tickets I’m after (albeit in different locations of the venue e.g. a 2 & and a 3) or does using one code cancel the other?

LPU codes are for tickets. POS are for the OML presale which I know nothing about.