Thoughts on Burn It Down?

What do you think about the new single? Good Or Bad?

I love the new single it’s awesome =D

Awesome love the new single :smiley:

I absolutly love Burn It Donw!!!

once again Linkin Park has created a new genre of music, just like they have every time they come out with a new CD.

I’m proud to say that ive been a die hard through and through since the begining and FINALLY they are to my litle section of the world.

Gonna be at BOTH Calgary and Edmonton Shows!!!
Why not, I live right in between both!!!

The single is a little heavier than a lot of the songs on MTM and ATS. I have been the first to crticise but i have to say, Burn it down is a step towards bringing back the old linkin park that I love. I hope the album has at least 1 or 2 heavier songs and that would truly make me happy. Burn it Down is a great start and a brilliant song. well done Linkin Park :smiley:

You know… A blind love is dangerous and just stupid. A real love is to see a bad things, speak out loud about them but still have sth / somebody on the top of your heart. That’s why love is so hard. Linkin Park keeps helping me to improving myself. I’m evolving with the boys. They teach me how to keep moving and not to be afraid of trying new things.

Burn It Down won’t be my best song but not the worst as well. It’s pretty good. But was expecting stronger quitars. If even my brother said ‘this shit is not bad’, I believe it is not :slight_smile:

Im in love with it!!!

i love it the song is more better then a thousand suns

I absolutely love it!!! they always create amazing music that just touches me and speaks to me

THE SONG SUX :confused: haha jus screwin with ya the song is friggin MIND BLOWING!! :open_mouth: its definitely one of my fav ones they’ve done :slight_smile: me n my friend were singin it in class together todayhaha x)

At first I was a little skeptical as it was a little too poppy for my tastes. (I said the same thing when Leave Out All The Rest came out. I love that song now.) But as I listened to it more, I began to enjoy it. I preferred their style in ATS much more, but this is still a kickass song and a great single.

its very colorful and of course it sound so different from any song in a thousand suns. I love it!

I think it shows how they have grown and how they’ve changed and I relate to it very well…they are showing themselves to be very true artists! They will be around forever!

Exactly what I was hoping for. I love that it was a blend of old and new.

i already loved it when i heard this bad qualitiy version :slight_smile: i’m totally in love

Its a great song, the sounds are really captivating and also how chester sings the lyrics is really beautiful

I love Burn it Down :slight_smile: It just so beautiful song!

I think the new single was awesome, if this is a preview what the album will be like, it should be great


I like it!
Lyrics are beautiful. Ready to sing it at live shows with you. :slight_smile: