Think there just might be a chance the rumors of murder are true?

I know it’s on a lot of ‘fake news’ sites but does anyone think it just might be true ? The whole thing with Chris and the Pizzagate stuff may seem really far fetched but I feel like something might be there. I just can’t see Chester doing this at this point in his life - obviously that’s just my personal opinion but I mean, no note ? The exact same way as Chris ? I read that they autopsy won’t be done for two weeks - then how has the coroner already confirmed suicide ?

I know there’s a lot of conspiracy theories out there, and maybe I would just rather believe someone else did this than him doing it himself but what’s your guy’s opinion on it ?


The thought has crossed my mind. He seemed so happy. I hope the police investigate thoroughly just in case.


maybe. what you think? i don’t know :frowning:


Well I just saw some of the photos from Chris’s hotel - I dunno about you guys but isn’t it quite rare to have that much blood all over the place from a hanging ? Chester’s a fighter… I just can’t wrap my mind around it - I mean I obviously didn’t know the man personally but I honestly doubt he would ever take the easy way out and do this to his family, friend and fans. In the middle of a tour ? It just seems like such bullshit. All the rumors about Chris telling him concerning things and that Chester ‘knew’ something more about Chris’s apparent suicide. It just doesn’t all add up to me. Apparently they also rushed and claimed suicide for Chris ridiculously early as well.


All deaths are supposed to be investigated initially as homicides. That would be normal procedure.
That being said. . . assumptions are always made.
Regarding Chris Cornell’s death, as someone who’s on prescription medication for bipolar, I know that with these drugs if you miss or accidently double a dosage you can, for a few hours, have an extreme adverse psychological reaction. You can think that you’re doing things that you aren’t and you may do things that seem like a good idea at the time but you probably won’t recall it in another couple of hours. So I do think what his wife hypothesized is probably correct. He was likely not in his right mind. As for the amount of blood found, if he fell after asphyxiating he would obviously have been unable to catch himself and struck his head. Accounts from eyewitnesses state that there was blood on his mouth.
I have no idea about any rumors regarding Chester’s passing.


I can understand what you’re saying. Though from my understanding neither situations were initially investigated as homicides - then again who knows what is actually happening behind closed doors. I can understand blood in the mouth but that amount ? And splattered on the door and walls like that ? I dunno. I’ve seen a friend of my have his face stomped and didn’t see splatters like that. Again, perhaps I’m just looking for an other reason why this happened but I still feel it’s all a bit fishy. Just my opinion though, I’m no detective or anything like that.

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Yeah, I’ve studied way too much criminal justice, lol.
Procedure is to investigate as a homicide but this isn’t always done. In a perfect world it would be. Too often police do jump to conclusions regarding suicides or possible suicides. Kurt Cobain’s death is a textbook example of this where evidence was mishandled, people who should have been interviewed were not, testing that should have taken place didn’t, etc.
It’s hard to understand why Chester, just having had a chart-topping record released, on the eve of a US tour, married with kids, seemingly happy or at least content from the recent social media posts, would do something like this. It’s difficult for us because we weren’t in his headspace.
I have not heard anything about what he supposedly heard from Chris before Chris passed. What’s going on there?


I feel like if the other band members think it was suicide, they know best. We will find out more when they decide to make their statement.

I can’t find the article now but I had read that Chester was quite upset after Chris’s death especially due to the fact that Chris had said something to Chester that made him believe that there was more to his death than what was stated.

I’ve watched way too much ID to not look at every detail lmao. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. He was on the right track and had everything going for him. He’s not a coward or selfish enough to do this to everyone in my opinion - as he had stated; Hes a fighter.

@sherrygirl That isn’t whats being discussed atm though. I’m just asking the community’s opinion about the rumors going on about it all. Also, I didn’t read any statement stating they actually believed it was a suicide. From what I’ve read is they’re ridiculously shocked by what happened as the rest of us.

ID is addictive.
If you find the article about whatever it was that Chris supposedly said, I’d be interested to know.

I’m sure that the band is in shock just like his family and friends and the fans. I’m still digesting that it happened. It still doesn’t seem real.
When my cousin and grandfather committed suicide, it was unexpected as well. There were no questions as to whether either cause of death was suicide. My grandfather had terminal cancer and was alone when he did it. My cousin was at home with other people present when he had an argument then locked himself in the bathroom with a gun. None of those present had anything to gain by his death and the bathroom was only lockable from the inside. Even knowing that there are times when it’s extremely difficult to grasp.

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Yeah I hear you. I was suppose to go see them on the 30th; last time I saw them was 15 years ago, I guess I’m also just really mad at myself for waiting so long to enjoy their concert again. Life just really sucks sometimes when it kicks you in the face like that. It’s quite rare that you would know a suicide is actually coming.
I’m sorry to hear about your family - I could imagine how difficult that must have been.
I’ll keep looking for that article and post it when I find it.

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I was supposed to see them on the 12th. Last time was 2007. I’m mad at myself for the same reason - why didn’t I make more of an effort to rearrange things so see them.
When it happened with my grandfather I was 8 but no one told me what happened until I was in college. With my cousin, that was in 2004 and I’d come off of a crappy previous year (2003=mom died suddenly, 2 out of 3 cats died, got fired from my job for cursing during an employee meeting, of all things, started new job about which I was anxious) then Andy shoots himself. Some days it still doesn’t register. A couple of weeks ago I was at work, alone in the building, working overtime and I found myself listening to Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem and just having a very long crying jag at work over him.

ugh I hear you buddy. Such a piss off when you procrastinate and then something like this happens.

Shit dude. I’m so sorry. That’s freaking rough. Though sometimes we all need just a real good cry session to get it out. I can’t imagine going through all that all at once. But it does make you stronger in the end, at least that’s what I believe.

Don’t know if it’s what you meant but perhaps you we’re going into them saying there was a child abuse blacklist that Cornell had seen or some crap
That article said Cornell mentioned to Chester and they both wanted to expose it
Click bait if you ask me
It would do people well to try and find closure
Conspiracies are just smoke

I agree with you, my mind cant stop thinking that there is more

The link that @georkost linked that claimed it as a hoax was debunking the rumour that occured a few days before it actually happened.

I hear the click bait shit but it just makes too much sense to not consider.
I believe that was probably what I had read - I read soooo many articles about Chester and his death it’s hard to remember whats from where lol.
Regardless though, I still feel like there is so much more to this than him just being depressed and getting drunk after so many years of be sober due to the birthday of his close friend who died.

That’s an other thing I don’t really understand - I also read a lot of things about ’ Chester’s death earlier in the week ’ What’s that all about ?

I agree there’s more
I posted earlier I imagine he got into an argument
He wouldn’t be in la and not be with his fam, at least that’s my impression…

And yeah It took me a few hours to believe because I had seen those fake ones from days before so I thought it was that somebody else had picked the story up or something
Once Mike confirmed it though I guess it kind of sunk and hit full force
It’s not til today when it’s really hit home

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When I told my family about Chester’s passing, one of my elderly family members said they had just had a nightmare the night before in which an active shooter was present in a concert and began shooting at the musicians. That a police officer shot at the active shooter who in turn shot back. They both fell dead on the floor.

I’m not saying my family member is a psychic or anything, but it was creepy to know they had a nightmare like that the night before Chester’s death.

But, when I heard it was considered a suicide, I was really skeptical. I just couldn’t accept it. I’m still in denial now. Ugh. I don’t know how to deal with these feelings. I wish this was all just a big lie and Chester could appear from behind a curtain and say “YOU’VE BEEN PRANKED!” and we could all have a big laugh about it. ;;


Yea I do think it’s all too sudden to think Chester to commit suicide at his moment, in the middle of the tour. He has been so positive in recent interviews and up front about his struggles. I just dun get how or why this happened… I’m just in total denial.

But then I also think it could be because he thought of his friend Chris’s birthday and the report say there’s a half empty bottle of alcohol? So perhaps he ralapsed and drank. After that he felt guilty and upset meanwhile thinkin about chris he just decided maybe he can visit Chris on the other side of the world.

I dunno. I just still can’t believe this is true. I honestly felt like I just lost a closed family member even tho I’ve never know him personally. This. Fucking. Sucks.

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