The Unity of Us, Nominations and Discussions


Ok band so we are back with a bang
And we have a couple of changes to the line-up

I would like to introduce our new lyric mates @NoireXJasper and @Honey8

With the introductions out the way this particular topic will be for ALL the nominations and nomination polls

Allows the forum to stay clean

So for our new song we need to come up with a A Song Title and a Genre to comply with example

My nomination for our next song is
The Blame Game - Nu-Metal/ Rock-Rap

The Band

Now we have 9 members including myself

The Unity of us: Unite and take over!
Linkin Park - Easier to Run (fireplace version)

Eviscerate - Nu metal

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Greetings to @NoireXJasper and @Honey8! :tada:
My title is:
Serpentes - Metal


Gear Up - hard rock

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Grey Horizon


Flipflop ballad - pop/rock


Spider play - Alternative/Rock

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Just waiting on our new members then the poll can go up

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Sounds like it could be an AC/DC song.


Thnx a lot @acemasters and @NickGr :smiley: . I will try my best to contribute and come up with good lyrics…

My title - word play
Genere - alternative/ rock


I never listen to them lol

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Title: My Walls

Genre: Alternative/Rock

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Right so we have the names

Please Note: For the poll you get 1 vote
Majority of votes wins
In case of a tie, the remaining members will re-cast their votes to break the tie
You CANNOT vote for your own nomination, because we would just end up with a 9-way tie lol and makes it fairer in my opinion
And the winner of the poll will be asked not to nominate for the next song but to still vote to give other peoples nomination a chance to be choosen the next time

  • The Blame Game - Nu Metal (Ace)
  • Eviscerate - Nu-Metal (Terminator)
  • Serpentes - Metal (Nick)
  • Gear Up - Hard Rock (Rick)
  • Grey Horizon - Rock Rap (AJ)
  • Flip Flop Ballad - Pop Rock (Gatsie)
  • Spider Play - Alternative/Rock (Jabin)
  • Word Play- Alternative/Rock (Honey)
  • My Walls - Alternative/Rock (Noire)

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The Band


( sitting 5 - 7 mins and thinking :confused:)

Well i should say that all the titles are great!
I was literally confused whom to vote :wink:


Just waiting for @AJ_7 and @gatsie to vote then we can move forward


Alright I did my vote.

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At this rate we’re set for a possible 4 way tie :joy:

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Yeap it will be down to one person to break the tie lol


Done @acemasters!


Whooooo mine won…

Ok so i will start a new topic tomorrow because its like 9:30pm so time to settle down
Gives me time to work out who is doing what :wink: