The thing you always wanted to ask Chester/Mike

I’ve been wondering this alot.
I saw some LPU video’s where Mike is giving a backstage-tour and in the end they get to ask something, doesn’t have to be LP related.

So what would you ask Mike or Chester?

I’d ask Mike if he’d give me some recording/producing tips and I’d ask Chester if I could sing with him. :slight_smile:

It’d prolly be something regarding music or art. Like tips on how to get better or practice and stuff. Maybe what kind of equipment he uses and all…

I think it’s always fun to ask people a multitude of their favorite things (names, books, colors, animals, foods, numbers and so on). Plus, it probably gets a little tedious/repetitive to keep answering the same questions over and over again that are all about Linkin Park and such (though I would probably fall into that category myself). I suppose I’d want to ask if they ever get really tired of being so known wherever they go; if they ever wish for days of anonymity.

And yeah, it would be a dream come true to sing with Chester, just sayin’.

im with evooba. i would probably ask something leading around art=graphic design. or music

[quote=cincybmxlpfreak]I’d ask Mike if he’d give me some recording/producing tips and I’d ask Chester if I could sing with him. :slight_smile:

aaw, singing with Chester! sounds cute :slight_smile:

I’d love to sing with Chester and Mike. That’d be awesome

i want to ask them if they still have dreams after all they achieved in life

That’s a really good question :slight_smile:

That’s a really good question :)[/quote]
mh i dunno. maybe they think its stupid. i have no idea how it is to be rich and famous. maybe they still have tons of dreams!?

Hehe that’s the questions I was looking for.
I also like the question, if they hang out with each other outside the studio, but that question has been asked already. (and Mike said yes!)

I also would like to know how it feels when your in front of an amazing croud singing a song like ‘Breaking the Habit’. When chester let the croud sing: "Tonight"
That must be one of the biggest adrenaline shots possible.

Well the question I asked him at a M&G was how the band/ Mike decide on a setlist for the show :slight_smile:

Hmm the next one…

If when looking back on his life he can say:

I am proud of what I have accomplished and why

Oh same to Mike, about his painting & stuff. Very interested in his story[mrgreen]

I would probably ask from where they took the strength to always continue

I would ask either one of them on how they got the idea to create the song My december.

ask mike to teach me some art stuff, especially for manual illustration and painting…
have some hours to chat with chaz about life…
and umh…may I ask for joe?

I would ask if i can sing a song with one of them or if we can play a song on the guitar together. :wink:

I’d ask Mike what would be the best way to go about being a recording engineer, I’d ask Chester almost anything :3

HAHA typical Chester fan girl eh? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: na just kidding :slight_smile:

hmm its hard to find a good question for both xD