The Tee Topic - your selfmade Shirt art


show here your selfmade Shirts!
We want to see all of them!
And feel free to comment and discuss!
Have fun :slight_smile:


Could you imagine me making a shirt? :joy:


Yes :joy:


Do all the shirts that I own with custom blood, oil, grease, paint and other fluid stains and rips in them count?



Rob making a shirt :rofl:


Pretty much. The blood is usually my own. Surprisngly I haven’t covered anything in blood recently because I haven’t had the time to work with tools. :joy:


You don’t have to sew or knit them, just design it and let it print. :wink:

The old question: is that art or can that be gone?
That’s you’re decision. :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:
Or show and we decide.:crazy_face:

cool Tee or maybe gruse :grin:


I’ve seen T-shirts in which you look like you wear meat. You can order them in a website (I don’t remember its name). I’m sure your designs would be popular there.

By the way, if you made a t-shirt with one of your pic you have put in "Where and when?’ thread, they would be also great.


I’ve already shown them, but of corse, they belong here:


I really love my tees.
But for next time:
No scripture on the belly, makes him huge.
And the sign not above the boobs but on top.

So, @kimims2010, @anomalia, @theearlywalker your turn :slight_smile:


MIne will come at the end of the week I hope. One will be with evolution, the other with something like my profile pic.

Seems u are not a big fan of ironing :rofl: just like me…


:joy::joy: ironing? Whats that?
Never possessed an iron.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lucky you. I work among ladies who do nothing but ironing in their leisure time.


My tee back then from 2015- saw FM and LP in Berlin- had a LP M&G and a backstage tour- I keep this memory in my mind forever - it was so incredible…

Now you go @kimims2010 - show us the family edition :tada::blush::hugs:


Wow!!! Wow!
You can’t wear that, it belongs in a frame!
Just awesome!


Thank you :kissing_heart:-you’re so sweet :blush::hugs: and it actually decorates my shelf…


That’s exactly what I mean. :joy:

Well I get a clean canvas after every wash lol. The stains come and go in waves. They don’t stick around for too long. lol

I didn’t design the BRES one, our society leader did. I just had a slight say in putting the society name in full on the back.

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I didn’t mean this one. I meant pics that you usually add like those you added earlier today (moon, skies, clouds and so on).


Oh, I get what you mean now lol. No, I wouldn’t wear something like that.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry. But @the_termin8r in a moon, stars, cloud t-shirt :see_no_evil:

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Probably not your style but some people would do.
@anna834 - if you imagine him knit or sew……

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