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:joy: I have to ask what the weirdest has been :exploding_head:

:joy: send a sample over instead! :crazy_face:

:rofl: your words, oh the british :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Go fish(?) haha

One was lemon gelato with vanilla custard and the other was banana with the custard :crazy_face:

Like it even better :joy:


Ah, yes. It must be your final year? Or is engineering one of those soul-destroying programmes that goes on for 5 years?

I think everyone is ill here at the moment. There’s a throat thing going round, some head-dizzy-sickness bug. I was working from home earlier this week as I was also feeling crappy. Thankfully didn’t last long!

Love an orchestral performance - proms? I don’t think you can blame that on being a student, that’s all the fun stuff. Studying usually means drowning in books and Google scholar. I fell in love with Google scholar :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (stockholm syndrome!) :laughing:

Having fun is good but so is resting :+1: At least the weather is “cold” enough for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Some sort of goat/sheep intestine, cleaned, boiled with lots of flavours. Probably my favourite :laughing: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Don’t tell anyone! :flushed:

Actually it’s very healthy. Wait till you see it, you’ll be wishing for more cactus.


We love custard here! But probably not cold though unless it’s a trifle. Hot custard all day long - with cake! Whoo! :partying_face:

It depends on how much of a masochist you are. It can be anywhere from 3 to 9 depending on what you do and how you count. Although, every engineering course is soul destroying (why do you think I’m so miserable and cynical all the time? :joy:). I’ve already got a bachelors (3 years) so I’m technically an engineer, but I’m doing my masters (1 extra year) because I want to be a chartered engineer (where the big money is) and you need some kind of masters (among otherthings) to qualify for chartership.

Yeah, quite a few people I know are as well. I’ve had it about a week at this point. I’m on the insane coughing phase. I have the sort of cough that makes it sound like I should have died a week ago. :joy:

London Philharmonic, it was my first time seeing an orchestra.

I got through my bachelors without opening a textbook once. :sweat_smile:


I hate you :unamused:

I did consider doing my masters but I realised, hey, I actually like being happy. At least it’s only another year. You probably know everything already, it’s just presenting it, or falling with style.

:laughing: Ah, the cough of death where everyone slowly starts moving away from you and gives you evils :mask: haha

Remember that when you’re rich and firing people because they stole your sandwich :slightly_smiling_face:

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My lunch today, bean salad:


It’s tooootally missing cactus :joy::stuck_out_tongue: jk looks really good :grin:


I discovered this last year, it’s delicious!

Very nicely looking ice cream @framos1792 :yum:

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Breakfast time :grin:


Im glad that you didn’t see the rest of my collection :stuck_out_tongue:

@rickvanmeijel Yess :heart_eyes: Since I bought Jerusalem cook book it’s the one of my favs too :yum: If you have the opportunity you have to try Mejadra too,if you like mixtures of different types of spices you will love it :fork_and_knife:

Whyyyy thank you :crazy_face:
Very nicely formulated comment yourself :grin::joy:

I’ll take that as an invitation to go on a tour of the whole place :innocent::stuck_out_tongue:
I won’t have as hard a time as you finding birthday gift :yum::joy: succulent for the win! :joy:

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I discovered it in a local restaurant, so I’ll see if they have Mejadra too. Sounds pretty good, I like a little spicy food

Did I mess up my grammar? :sweat_smile:


Lol no no, I just wanted to return the compliment but since there was no food I had to think of complimenting your compliment :joy::joy:

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It should have been “very nice looking ice cream.”

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Not exactly food but damn, look at this beauty



I knew it! Hahaha thanks

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Sauerkraut pancakes