The stupid question thread


But you should be able to back up what you’re saying with facts


Meditation is something that only works if you want it to or actually try to let yourself get into it, otherwise its a waste of time if you’re not getting anything from it and just doing what you usually would, as in getting upset or whatever else. It’s all about if you want it bad enough or not, its not for everyone.


Yes, it is, it’s not the ‘let’s disregard all science and buy the snake oil thread’.

You know my tolerance for such things, especially claims that aren’t backed up scientifically. I’d expect you to relate. :stuck_out_tongue:




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Verbatim off wiki? Lol

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Lmao, I meant have fun with it vs crushing someone’s methods

Placebos work for a reason :upside_down_face:
And I’d take questions on here with a grain of salt, personally I felt there’s a bit of devils advocate being played lol

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Look who’s laughing, you sell the most common snake oil of a different type lmao


Excuse me?

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This escalated quickly :joy:


Snowmen need noses.


Why is it that on Mac OS you have to go into a sub menu just to close a window? What was wrong with the red X?

OT: Just hit 22K posts.

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It’s called innovation man :joy:

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Why are Americans incapable of pronouncing ‘Iran’ and ‘Iraq’ properly?

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How do they pronounce it and how would it be properly?


They pronounce them as “eye-ran” and “eye-rack.” When an American always says ‘Iran’ I always ask myself where they ran to or what they were running from or what even they ran. The correct way to pronounce them is by not butchering the ‘i’, it’s pronounced the same way as in ‘in’.


basically as it is written? I mean, I-ran, I-rack? or how?


Why do parakeets sound like laser guns? :joy:

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:joy: oh yes i didn’t realise. I hear them all the time

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If anyone knows where to get an LP cat collar I’d like to know.


:thinking: Buy a black (or other colour) one and customize by yourself?!? :smiley:

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