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I wouldn’t mind if the police or someone else had killed the mad guy right there on the spot. We all have the natural right to defend ourselves against threats like these. Obviously the mad guy was the one inflicting violence, so we should protect ourselves against his violence with any means necessary. If that means killing him, then so be it.


But! Isn’t jail a better solution?? Isolation room, no contacts with others, just you and the walls??

So you want you tax money to go towards keeping terrorists alive?

It gets rather complicated here with situations like these unfortunately. We can also say that tax payers fund their own “terrorist” organizations, as tax payer money mainly goes into military weaponry and such to “protect the people best interests”. You don’t see an old fart like a so called president take charge and lead the battle field. You see patriots brainwashed with an ideology of freedom spraying “freedom” bullets over innocent people, just because their dear leader told them so.

This is the biggest bias of all, when to determine it is consciously or unconscious to murder thousands of innocent people just to “spread democracy”. If you don’t join the armed forces, than you “don’t love your country”, if you do, “you have no heart murdering”. Its a damned if you do, and damned if you don’t situation. My situation in particular made me realize I’m a meat bag to them. Failed my physical but they still wanted to “squeeze me in” instead of accepting I wasn’t cutting their “passing” requirements.

But concerning this, if the “Law” humanely murders a terrorist, doesn’t that make them the same as the terrorist themselves? Many lives are lost this way…

PS: Concerning the NZ incident, I find it odd, the guy just waltzed basically to his car and got another rifle like nothing. Does it really take more than 17 mins to answer an attack like this?


Politics are something I give not one iota about.

Again, I don’t care about people’s opinion. And I’d never fight ‘for my country’, if I end up in the army it’s either because I want to (which I don’t) or because I was forced to. I have exactly zero reason to fight for any country. Besides, I’d likely be put in some kind of field engineer position or so and not an actual infantry position (I’d be more useful to them like that).

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That’s the spirit! :smile:

That’s also why in war, there are no good and bad guys. Only brainwashed order followers fighting for their masters, doing everything they’re being told to do without question. This braindead behaviour by order followers is always the cause of harm, death and destruction, because these people don’t think for themselves. And that’s how tyrannies become so powerful. We don’t have to be afraid of the Hitlers, Stalins or Kim Jung Uns. We have to be afraid of the mindless people who would follow their orders.

Well, I don’t know if that’s better. He made a choice to start killing people, so what to do with such a beast?


So, what’s the difference between you/I and them?? We’re supposed to be in a civilized world, even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like that… (that’s another subject to discuss actually…)

Yeah, but as Rob said, I wouldn’t care about people opinion ( I use “wouldn’t” because I’m a female, so I can’t be forced to join any army…).

Exactly what I mean

Again, ok, there are killers etc, that can harm kids and so on, but still… I don’t want to be like them! I’m not a brutal degenerate psycho and don’t want to become one…

The difference is our choice of behaviour. The ‘‘terrorists’’ decide to impose violence onto us, while we would never do such thing. Defending ourselves against these threats actually makes us civilized!

Like I said, we are not like them, because we would never initiate violence against other people.

The point I’m trying to make is that defending ourselves (with the necessary means) is completely the opposite of initiating violence. There’s no wrong in defending oneself, while there is in starting violence.


Ok, I got what you mean… mostly like @framos1792 said…
Well, actually in a situation with no escape solution maybe maybe I would defend myself or others till the end… but this is different from give a death penalthy in my opinion… To me it’s not the right punishment to give… even if it’s for a mad killer…
And anyway, in the countries where there is the death penalthy, there are still killers exactly like in the other countries…

There are, but they are different ones, you won’t have to deal with the same one again.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: So you would exterminate lots of people (killers,psychos etc) just to “clean” the society???
I disagreed!!

Yes! I’m an advoacte for a mass culling of the stupid as well, but that’s a whole different debate.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I disagreed!!! That’s not a solution! It’s like murder all the handicapped people straight away after the born just because they could have less possibilities or a shorter life than the so called “normal” ones…

I’m not saying kill disabled people, I’m saying kill idiots. :joy:

There’s not much difference to me honestly… especially with mental psycho problems…

EDIT: want to know @samuel_the_leader opinion on this subject… what do you think about death penalthy? if you like to reply…

I mentioned before:


Agreed! Thanks for saying your opinion :blush: :hugs:

These countries often use the death penalty and other barbaric punishments to force their citizens to adhere to their to their strict religious dogma:


:worried: :confounded: No good!

We can’t blame those that aren’t smart enough for things that they had nothing to do with in the first place. I used to actually “hate” people that would not understand these concepts but… THEY ARE part of the Bias, without “Dumb” people there would not be “Smart Ones”. The Smart ones are the architects for society (Brains) while the dumb, strong ones (Brawns) are the builders of it. Though the Brains have corrupted overtime and want full control and get rid of “peasants” that are not useful to their agenda, which we see happen day by day, not by their own hand, but ny dividing people due to different ideologies, such as religion, politics, heck even entertainMENT, you name it.

Its not their fault their education system does not teach things that may actually help them. That’s a means to keep them “stupid”, why do you think you aren’t taught business techniques for the get go? You have to “Pay” for that privilege through college and university education.

Society as a whole is becoming dumbed down. Look at the music that is consumed by the young day by day, spouting hatred of “Bitches, drugs, money, gangs, etc.” Look at the shows that they consume “reality” television based on materialistic expectations. Repeat it over and over again and it becomes the truth. We are becoming inundated day by day and the people eat it up and clamor it more, they don’t know any better.

They are the popular kids trying to keep relevant by following everything they are told to do, without “thinking” of the why?