The Rhyme Game of LP lane!

Heyo! :smiley: so guys here’s a new game
Play and rhyme without shame
You can talk anything you like
From memes to motor bikes
But only one rule applies
That your replies to be in rhymes
I know all poets here
Any rhyming scheme, no fear!
And yes! Lots of love my dears! :two_hearts::hugs:
Hope it doesn’t grind your gears :stuck_out_tongue:

So here i start a topic to talk
With earphones do you like to walk? :walking_man:


You gave us love
because your heart is as kind as a dove

It don’t think i did it right

Yes you didn’t did it right
Cause it was perfect
You’ve got a rhyming gift! :smiley:
Enjoy every bit of it!

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Buzzing here and there
Honey makes posts everywhere! :smile: (I did a rhyme I did a rhyme!! :laughing: )

I am going to kill this theard lol

Tons of rhymes we go ahead- because it’s all of love we spread :heart:

Nice thread Hon @Honey8 :kissing_heart:

You gave us love
Because your heart is as kind as a dove
You are so sweet and kind
You are quite a find
Dear giving us lots of love
Always making us fell loved
A great person at at art
And you have an amazing heart
And always knows just where to start
Always lending a hand
And you will always have me as a fan
Such a hard worker
But you still make time
To show us a sign ( of love)
But now we have each other
And are love is forever
Your a just filled with light
Ligthing up our night
We love you busy bee
And you will always have a special place in me
With lots of love
I send you a big hug
We love you til the end
Are dear friend

@Honey8 this is for you


Go ahead !
Don’t be afraid
No one will block
Or suspend :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes you did! :smiley: Congo first rhyme lol!

Thanks dear @theearlywalker
That’s so sweet rhyme.
But no one answered the question
A topic to talk
Do you like headphones while walk :joy:


For you honey


I hope you like it Angel

You meltedddd meeee! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
I am sooo glad too see!
Having no words to speak
Just my thank you pot
Is overflowing a lot!
Big lovely feelings i got
For y’all in this pot!

This was so beautiful rhyme.
Thank you for this chime

Hope you have a beautiful day
Don’t forget to enjoy by the bay :two_hearts::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::blush:


So glad to hear
And I love you very much dear

And I am glad you like it

Of course i loved it!
Amaaaziing you made it!
You are an awesome poet!
Ãlwåyß keep thread alive, just go for it! :wink:

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Awwww :gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:

I don’t know what to say
You took my words away

You’ve got enough of them
Fond the song writer within :wink:

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Your great at art
Because its form your heart

And thanks for the words
This just what I needed to be heard

I’ve got no likes…
Have this :two_hearts:
As I’ve reached hikes

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Thank you

All is okay
I am just glad you’re here today

I am glad as well
I never leave and bid farewell
Ãlwåyß there in each other’s hearts

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Even though you may have go
I still love you more then you will know

So this a goodbye til tomorrow
But don’t let that cause sorrow

Before posting, did you search for other threads here?
Did you notice a similar thread already exists here?

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