The My Unicorn Thread

But maybe a certain person followed you on the way to the secret hiding place of the unicorn, and he knows exactly where it is, then I come and take back my unicorn :unicorn:

How do you know it’s a he and not a she who followed @IronSoldier16 ?? While you’re looking for an answer :heart_eyes: :notes: I’m taking my unicorn! :grin:

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I’m sure nobody could have followed me, that place is not a “real” place wuajajaja

While you think what this place could be I’ll eat a few unicorns, excuse.

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:flushed: :scream: you CAN’T!!! :sneezing_face: :sob: :cry:

Since you can’t eat the unicorns :angry: I take them back with me! :smirk: My unicornS! :blush:


But you don’t know where they are :frowning:, even I forgot where they are :confused: I’m sorry, but now we have to chance the matter to: In Search of my Food the unicorns. The first who find them will win a lollipoop XD


Yea… and that’s me :sunglasses::sunglasses:

No worries! Let’s charge into your house and find the unicorns !! :joy::joy:


I’m sure they are not here, don’t lose your time.

wait, why don’t you come here, and I will tell you where you can find them :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Don’t be scared, I’m not going to do anything bad XD

Sure someday… I’ll come there and we find unicorns :blush:
I am not scared of this lol… this isn’t a horrow movie :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No exactly a horror movie, but similiar :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: jk

While you guys were talking, I finally found the lost unicorn, and lead it back with me, meanwhile I tie bombs all to it, so if you come near it, it will be blown up, oh yeah and, my unicorn :unicorn:

Ahhh… that’s not the lost one… it’s bieber…


:scream: Noooooo!!! Someone please stop him! :see_no_evil:

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Your fondness of Bieber seems to be more than mine :joy:

Naa, it easy put his name on Google and copy-paste any random pic.

However, the unicorns still lost.

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But still, that you took the time to pull the pic up, your fondness for him grew :joy:

Dude, really, I am talking about the poor unicorns and you are talking about Justin… I’m a little worried for you. Dude, the unicorns ARE LOST!!!

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Exactly!! We have to look for them! :muscle:



for you @IronSoldier16


Yaaaay!!! Steph found it! Well done! :heart_eyes:

you guys are welcome

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