The My Unicorn Thread

(Similar to the my cookie thread except with unicorns instead)

  1. Whoever has the Unicorn last is the winner

  2. There can be no duplicates, multiples, etc of the Unicorn, and no destroying, hiding, etc of the Unicorn, it is always here

  3. No duplicate posting of the same person (one post after another)

  4. You must say My Unicorn at the end of each post, if not then the Unicorn still belongs to whoever had it last

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This is the part where I leg it. :joy:


I knew you would :joy:

Edit: I am currently holding the Unicorn because I created the thread, and because the Unicorn is mine to begin with :joy:

So you think to have the unicorn all to yourself?! WRONG! Cause I have a delicious lollipop with me and the unicorn come to my side…hehe MY UNICORN! :heart_eyes:


:joy: I can see this being popular with @IronSoldier16 meanwhile while you think of him coming to take the Unicorn from you, I take back my unicorn :unicorn:

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Oh but I have a biiig bottle of ketchup with me…you can’t resist… my chance to take back MY UNICORN! :heart_eyes:

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But you listen to this song and the Unicorn is mine again, my unicorn :unicorn:

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No soilder can resist this

I take back my unicorn


Except for the buzz killer Rob @the_termin8r :joy: and while he asks why I tagged him here to come back, and gives you a lecture in the process (of course :joy:) I take back my unicorn :unicorn:

Finally :joy:- have fun you unicornies - subcategory of the lpu- soldiers categorisation. You know you are a unicorny when:

  • you currently want to eat them

  • you fight with everybody to keep them or get them back, especially your family :joy:

  • you are playing this game here and read my post- so- for a moment I am a unicorny too :rofl:… my unicorn :unicorn:

Thanx @chigokurosaki- you gave them unicornies a home - great idea :clap:t2::muscle:t2: :sunny:


Do qe Just have to type my unicorn at the end?! My unicorn!!! :smiley:

No, you have to come up with a way to take the Unicorn from the last person who has it, then say my unicorn at the end.

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I’ll learn no worries :sweat_smile::wink:

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Should I mute this thread or eat all the unicorns now?

While you think in an answer, I take my unicorns!

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Noo! You need to share unicorns! I’ve never tasted them!

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Sorry, I already shared them, but with my stomach jajaja they were delicious :wink:

Why would I give a lecture? Also if I’d decided to mute this thread upon you posting it, none of the tags would have come through. I was just curious how many likes I’d get on my first post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Weird…you don’t want to try the unicorn…!?
Now it’s MY UNICORN! :crazy_face:


:eyes: :see_no_evil: :crazy_face: aheeam…what?