The My Cookie Thread


I found this off another forum and figured it’d be fun to try with you guys. It is a simple but fun and silly forum game that everyone is free to join. The game is called My Cookie! :cookie:

How to play:

In this thread, there is a cookie. Just one. All you have to do in this game is take the cookie away from the last person who has it. You can do this by distracting the person, stealing it and so on. Then you have to end the post with the words “my cookie!”

For example:

  1. I distract you with pictures of cute cats and then grab the cookie from you. My cookie!
  2. You fall asleep and I prise the cookie from your hand. My cookie!
  3. You get caught in a giant spider web. I offer to help you out but I actually take the cookie out your hand and leave you there. My cookie!

Simple, right?

Game rules:

  • No double posts. Wait for someone to reply to your post before you post again.
  • No eating, breaking or destroying the cookie. All you can do is hold it.
  • There can only be one cookie. It cannot be cloned, etc.
  • You must end your post with the words “My cookie!”
  • Keep it fun!

I’ll start:


There’s a jar on the table with the most delicious looking cookie ever in it.

Cookie Monster storms in and grabs the jar.

Then Mike Shinoda runs in and he tackles Cookie Monster.

In their struggle, the jar goes air born and somehow I catch it and take the last cookie from the jar; My cookie!


Mike’s clone heard about the cookies

He used his magic powers (cause we all know he’s a god damn wizard) and stole it from you.

He wasn’t too fast though so I managed to grab the cookie out of his hand before he took a bite so MY COOKIE!

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Soooo… I just caught you thief aaaand saying to you that the cookie is poisoned so you let it fall and I grab it!! Muahahaha my cookie!! :yum:

A cute little bunny appears and starts dancing.

You are distracted and can’t help but stare and just then I grab the cookie from you. HA, MY COOKIE! :stuck_out_tongue:


Fuck the cookie, that rabbit is mine. :yum:

I kill everyone, irradiate the cookie and stash it on a different planet.

Game over! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and, my cookie!

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You forgot that there’s SOMEONE in the outer space that cares for humans… :stuck_out_tongue: he saw everything and came on the Earth to save and revive us… so everything is back to normal… oh and btw he don’t need the cookie so he gifted it to me… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: muahaha MY COOKIE!!!

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Nice one! Then a swarm of bunnies run to you and cover you and you fall to the ground.

And I take the cookie from you. My cookie!

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Someone who was almost killed by a man who thinks every day is Halloween.

:unamused: he’s still alive! And that’s off topic… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Because of his mother’s name. Like come on, why would he be a threat to me and MY COOKIE! (didn’t see that coming did you? I got it while we argued).


While the two of you were arguing, I stole the cookie right from your hand. My cookie

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I have a vice grip, the cookie cannot be taken from me like that.

Then I make a trade, the cookie for a whole bunch of Lego and RC parts. My cookie

I decline. Still my cookie!

And oh btw, I took my cookie!


Have fun dying…again, remember, I irradiated it. It’s now radioactive. :joy:

Now, because I care about your health (more so the cookie), I’ll do you a favour and take it off your hands.

My cookie!



Did you guys read that? He cares about my health? How considerate and nice!
But don’t you worry, I took the cookie again.

My cookie.

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Selective ignorance will not help you, read the brackets after I said it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, I still have my cookie :stuck_out_tongue:

Good, I’ll lay low, watch it kill you all and then I swoop in and have MY COOKIE!