The My Cookie Thread

Thankfully, I have a bottle of Ex-Rad pills that cures radiation. So I can retake that cookie, my cookie!

Since that cookie is good to eat again, I fear not anymore and come straight at ya! I fire my unicorn rainbows and you’re so mesmerised by them you lose grip of the cookie and there it goes on the floor… 3 second rule and MY COOKIE!

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I steal the cookie in your sleep, cut my hand off (while still holding the cookie) and I hide it where you’ll never find it. :stuck_out_tongue: My cookie.

But I was secretly in the room when you hid your hand, and I took the cookie for myself and threw your hand out the window, my ccookie.

I bring hypnotized and show it to you, the toad hypnotizes you to give me the cookie.

I put the cookie back in the jar and put it in a closet with similair looking jars, so that I can have it later, my cookie .


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While you’re away I go in the closet and smash all the jars. I pick up the cookie and run away. My cookie

(This is the thread that will get random lol)

Then I have placed a trip wire and you fall and I steal the cookie once again, my cookie.

Omg!! Look at that!! Rafiki just drops Simba!!

When you look at it, I steal the cookie, my cookie!


Is that the monkey’s name? I always wondered this. While you are giving your answer I take the cookie from you, my cookie.

Well played, I can’t take my eyes off it. :joy: As a kid I always wondered what would happen if he got dropped.


Well played, well played. Allow me to treat you on a nice song!

Oh, and I take back my cookie.

Does this mean that Gaston is dead!?!?! In your worry for Gaston’s life, I steal your cookie! My cookie

Just for you and all his fans, here he is once again:

Thank you for holding it for a moment, but now I’ll take back my cookie. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can’t take your eyes off Gaston biceps aaaand I take back MY COOKIE!! :yum: :rofl:

But being the only one who doesn’t care :stuck_out_tongue: I take back the cookie while you are secretly looking at him, my cookie

And as you were typing the lines above You layed it on the table- my turn to catch it- MY COOKIE :cookie:

Why do they keep changing the mobile version of the forums? It really is starting to get like facebook with this crap. While you are wishing they would leave it alone, I take the cookie, my cookie.

I don’t have a fb account so I ask you how it works…while you’re explaining it to me I grab the cookie and run away with MY COOKIE!

You run straight into my tripwire, and I grab it. My cookie!

And now you are just taking my material lol, so I take it back along with my cookie.