The LPU member rewards

I’m pretty new to Linkin Park and the LPU and I’m interested in becoming a paying member but I don’t know what rewards / merch you get for joining. If someone could send an image or a link that would be greatly appreciated.

There’s no “rewards” per se
If there’s contests, then a paying membership allows you access to them but besides that a plain membership doesn’t do much

Umm there’s packs which you can buy that are like the tee and a few other things plus the membership but there wasn’t really anything huge in terms of offerings this year

To be honest just stick with this one unless you plan on entering contests and stuff


The only reward you get is the knowledge that you burned your money for nothing. :joy:

Seriously though, stick to a free account. There’s zero reason to get a paid account, unless you want to pay for one and they further pay for the overpriced tat that is considered merch these days.

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Although… paid membership got me my M&G with Mike this year :thinking::grinning:


I joined cause I wanted to show that what ever comes I stand behind LP. Didn’t found 10 bugs to much.
The reward was this place. :grin:
Now they stuck with me.
But sure, except of m&g no real reason.

By the way, welcome @CalebS413


Thanks for the responses. I was just wondering because in the cd of hybrid theory I got a slip of paper that says if I become a paying member (It says $28) I would get a LPU cd, an exclusive shirt, a sticker pack, a membership card, a letter from LP and “more LPU keepsake items!”

Also, do you have to be a paying member to buy anything from the store or can you do that as a free member?

I guess it’s an old paper… so that stuff is not available now… :sweat_smile:
Anyway you could check in the LPU main site the current stuff…

Yeah, you can buy as a free member too. Sometimes they do discount for LPU only, but that’s not for all the things…

That’s a long dead promption as far as I know. I used to get one month membership codes with the regular CDs I bought from Amazon and the likes, all of the codes were expired.

From the regular LP store, you don’t need to pay. For the LPU store you need to pay for an account. Which is pretty stupid in my opinion. You need to pay money in order to be able to pay money. This is why I refuse to buy merch of any kind. It’s all just greed from the artists.

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I agree to differ - I have a paid membership because I want to keep this platform running and I guess the money goes exactly in this budget. Plus meet&greet, pre-sale codes and the feeling that somehow- like maybe with a joint-stock company- I’m a part of it… the LP universe…


Your investment in this site is wasted given how broken it is. lol

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As far as I get it, you are the only one with this broken problem.

I’m pretty sure @framos1792 said his notifications were broken too at one point.


Ok. My notification have a will of their own too


I wouldn’t say :point_up:t3::point_up:t3::point_up:t3: That :roll_eyes:
Just feeling like you’re involved is cool but yeah they tweak


I’m a bit confused, is this one meant for me?

Ah yeah my bad, I guess it’s confusing

Yeah I meant I wouldn’t say it was a wasted investment


I’m new to LPU also. I originally had the Free membership but I wasn’t able to LPU merch.

I understand the viewpoint of some members. Personally, I prefer to pay the $10 to be a part of Larger Community.

I first tried to join in the months right after we lost Chester & I don’t think that it was working at all at the time. I don’t think it was possible to join at all. When I tried to join, I believe it was last summer, I read somewhere on a LP site that you could join for digital only, but there would be no LPU bundle offered as a membership choice. I think that was because band was still trying to deal with the loss of Chester.

All of that being said, by myself & others, I think it’s probably just a personal choice. I agree that merch prices are high, but so is everything else in the world now days.

I remember back in 1982-1984 concerts I attended like Kiss, Ozzy, AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Scorpions, etc… concert shirts back then were $20. That was around 35 years ago & with inflation the way that it is, I don’t think the prices here, for T-shirts anyway, is that bad. That’s just my opinion though.

Also, please keep in mind that a portion of some items goes toward various funds that LP worked with. Do many other bands donate much of their personal time, or help to raise awareness to help benefit organizations designed to help others? I can’t think of any, but I don’t know what’s going on in the world either.

Either way, you will be with the BEST FANS IN THE WORLD as Chester told Talinda…


Thank you… but I know how to take him :joy: and it is my best Investment ever :stuck_out_tongue:

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Remind me not to get on your bad side :grimacing::joy:
That sounded menacing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: