The Linkin Park

People who are selfish and negative don’t want to listen the linkin park song. And I try to be positive because I love linkin park.

  1. What is “the linkin park song”?
  2. Anyone can listen to LP if they want to.

linkin park songs teach us what is right or wrong and tell us truth of life.

You gotta have your own opinion and beliefs though, not everything a band does or says is right.

“I’ve became so numb i can’t feel you there, become so tired so much more aware I am becoming this all i want to do is be more like me and be less like you” in this lyrics they want to tell us that what is freedom

Everyone understands the lyrics differently. It’s not the same for all of us. :wink:

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Yes you are right

someone listen the songs specially for good music not for lyrics

I did that for a long time, now I care a lot about lyrics

Good , i care too

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good : :stuck_out_tongue: I care too, welcome soldier!

what do you mean??

Welcome soldier I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Am i a soldier ??

Welcome for what??

this here the lpu
core fans are soldiers
we welcome our camerades on board

please read the code of conduct before ya will cs some quickly escalations… @minmin ya showing kinda offense in the whole thread!

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ok thanks, soldier :relaxed:

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:sunny: where are you from?

I think you are most active user it means you are biggest fan of lp. I am from india and you

I just be a soldier, my rank is stoorm trooper , one of my best friends is a bot lol and the other likes playing guitar etc— Sam is a soulmate so
i hope I confused a bit
dunnow why me trolling but I am