The Linkin Park

Guitar??? Do you know to play

I listen a lot to just the music, like instruments, vocal melodies, the overall musicality. But I still look for the lyrics to not be crap. If the lyrics are unbearable then I won’t listen to the band.

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so Normal you are right. And it is your opinion. But I care about lyrics because the musician always try to give a message by their songs. And linkin park work hard on music and lyrics :slight_smile:

Oh I’m not saying that lyrics aren’t important. I used to only listen to lyrics. Everyone works differently, and I just enjoy the musicality more, that’s all. Plus, the instrumentation can tell the story also. Like in Wake Me Up When September Ends you Green Day. That guitar solo speaks by itself for the pain he feels for his father’s death.

Oh I see , ya you are right . I am agree with you.