The Kidnapping game

Ok guys this is The Kidnapping game!!

You have to think of ways of how to get the person you want to kidnap from the person who has them before! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ( you could even let us know where you would take them etc) at the end of your post you write "My (who ever you are kidnapping)! seeing as I’ve started the thread i have him to begin with! Lets have a laugh! :grin:

I’m with Mike starting this thread. My Mike!!


I met mike at my meet and greet and got him to see the inside of my taco truck and I drove off away far far away :smiling_imp:
my mike!
And he was neeeever seen again :smiling_imp::joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Gaaaaame over :crazy_face:


Aww, we can’t use other people also? :neutral_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was hoping for that thread lol.

Nope i also managed to get into the meet and greet and lured Mike away with lots of origami!!

My Mike!


Depends how many people want Mike…or i can change it if people want??

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You know mine and framos answer :sweat_smile:

Oh I’m sorry but paper snowballs aren’t considered origami :crazy_face: you might want to consider taking up lessons with somebody from the forum here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:
mike was just being nice but he did indeed go with me :smiling_imp: MY mike at least while he disappears :roll_eyes:
Weird… I feel like I’m the one wanting to take mike the most :joy:


You even used a himym gif :joy:

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That’s how we do it :sunglasses:

I’m sure @gatsie will spam in this thread… :laughing:

Oh also I just got MY MIKE! :heart:


I may as well steal Mike once :stuck_out_tongue: I kidnap him and force him to create another band with him and myself, meanwhile none of you are invited to any shows ever. :stuck_out_tongue: my mike

ok well i just offered Mike this lot…


He said hes on his way over!!

My Mike!!

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He’s had his fill of the guitars. I ask him to draw me something I can add to my tattoo and he comes with me. My Mike!

Take it easy American Rob :rofl:

:open_mouth: I will call your work bro…

But I take him from his arm and we both runaway from you until reach the border. He is thankfully with me, he wants to stay with me. My Mike :stuck_out_tongue:

i give mike endless amounts of art gear and he follows me to the art studio…My Mike!!

(ok ill give it a day and if enough ppl ask…ill change it to My " someone" thread !)

I vote to change it

Meanwhile, I forcefully take Mike in @framos1792 taco truck that just happened to be sitting beside the road with the keys still in it, and now he’s mine, my mike.

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But mysteriously the truck has no gas and you have to walk to the closest gas station (85 km).

In the meantime, I come where Mike is and I get him on a taxi and arrive in Guatemala :stuck_out_tongue:

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I take him from you with no explanation as to how as you didn’t put My Mike!!

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While you try to understand what I wrote above, I’ll take mike with me :stuck_out_tongue: My mike

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I understood it well…it said I could take mike to my dreams…My Mike!!