The Emoji Trivia Game

Can be both:)

How about this one

:eyes: :four: :books:

Looking for an Answer

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What about this?

:crossed_swords: :violin:
Ok that’s easy

Battle Symphony :slight_smile:

Battle Sy- oh

Yup that’s right

:left_speech_bubble: :left_speech_bubble:


No idea. Talking to Myself

Nope not that xD Should I let others guess / do you get more guesses?

Anybody can guess if they have any idea till they find out. Sometimes some clues are necessary.

Hmm this will probably make it pretty easy but here goes: it wasn’t on a studio album.

It could be everything, give us some other clues

Well uuh, specifically it’s on one of the LPU CDs.

Verse? Chorus? Title?

High Voltage?

I’ll just give the answer: it was Bubbles x3


I’m lost, I have no clue

Floating down as colors fill the light - Blackout?

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