The Emoji Trivia Game

Knock, knock. Time for yours….


She’s probably busy with school and other things.

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We’ll just have to wait patiently :blush:

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:palms_up_together:t2: :muscle:t2: :arrow_up::sunny:

Sorry guys I had already thought of one but I don’t know why I didn’t send it and forgot everything about this thread :sweat_smile:
Busy with school and with my illness, hehe I lost my voice.

If you please find it call me

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Get well soon :grin: :grin:

Hope you feel better soon @Marilau and good luck with school.

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Until it Breaks?


I think you’re right :+1:t2:

Yup and thank you, your wishes worked I have healed :rose::four_leaf_clover:


Let’s Play this game.

It’s @chigokurosaki 's turn now.


Forgot about this, lol


(This is a DBS song)

In the Darkness

My heart burns like the sun (and so on - censored)

Can I make one?

I’m new here and have only seen a few posts in this thread - what are people currently doing? Have all LP songs been exhausted and you’ve moved on to DBS and such? Are you mainly doing lyrics of LP songs? Catch me up :smile:

Generally there are songs by LP. But there are also exceptions as above.

I don’t think the songs by LP have already been exhausted as generally everyone has their own idea how to represent a song with emojis.

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Interesting… I’ll have a go at it!

:latin_cross: :lion:

Across the Line? :rofl:

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Funnily enough I forgot about that song for a moment and was thinking of Mike xD But I’m okay with your answer!

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