The Emoji Trivia Game

Ohh I didn’t realise they were lyrics, I keep only thinking of song titles.

Can be both. but with the lyrics is more difficult

Was I right? This was forgotten I guess.

You got it

The first, the second or both?

:butterfly: :eagle: :bulb:
:thinking: :tornado: :face_with_head_bandage:

Perhaps a bit cryptic but best I can come up with.

The one from before too.

:hocho::question: :cancer:
:latin_cross: :sleeping_bed::shushing_face: :exclamation:

Hm I’m not sure, the only thing that potentially comes to mind:

What I’ve Done, I’ll face myself / to cross out what I’ve become


As I don’t know what to say again (but feel like saying something anyway) I’m gonna remind you guys the Emoji Trivia Game that hasn’t been played for ages.

My last task hasn’t been solved yet (it took me some time now to guess what I meant, by the way).


I still can’t figure it out, do you have a small hint?

Mine is also still open :stuck_out_tongue:

By myself

If I’m killed by the questions like a cancer
Then I’ll be buried in the silence of the answer


Right. Your turn.

Hint too?

It’s lyrics from a song on ATS

Flying at the speed of light
Thoughts were spinning in my head

Waiting for the End?

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Yes, well done!

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:swimming_man: :fog:
:bridge_at_night::bridge_at_night: :fire:

I’m swimming in the smoke
Of bridges I have burned


(I’ll edit my post later with new emoji lyrics)

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