The Ace Masters Listening Party

So I have been thinking about this since the turn of the year

I want to do a listening party on 20/7/18 in memory of Chester Bennington

Now, for the last 2 weeks I have tried to figure out ways of hosting a live stream of sorts and so far come up empty

I would like some insight on HOW I can do this?

And of course you will ALL be invited!

Please Tag others that might able to help with the is matter and to discuss the finer details

The Band



I’d loveee it! I’ll come back to this thread soon! But you know what :frowning_face_with_open_mouth::frowning_face_with_open_mouth: allll depends on timeeee :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

Plug perhaps?

Also, what’s a listebing party? :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:


What you talking about? :joy::joy::joy:

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Plug?!? Whats that?


Even if you don’t make it, I plan on recording it and posting it on youtube, we have weekly meets there. It’s a chat room where you can also play videos.


Ohhhhh will look into this…

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Other ideas will also be researched

Just a note: The printscreens in the guide are out of date, they changed the UI recently and I haven’t gotten around to changing it. The function of the site remains unaltered though.


Thats fine anything for me to look into will be

I am very bad with tech related things, but I was going to suggest too.


So how would i start a listening party on

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Make your account, add songs from youtube to your playlist, start dj-ing! I havent been on plug for long now. It would be nice to join in. Just share date and time (GMT, for everyone’s ease) of the meet and we will be there.

Make a playlist, then just lock the dj line and play.

Dude, you need to write more. @acemasters doesnt understand short lines. He is a sucker for long proses :sunglasses:

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What @amitrish said lol

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Looking for more a live stream though but liking the back up

Damn! I didnt knew you can see if someone is typing in the forums in real time. This is fun.
I think live stream wouldnt make sense as you will be playing songs from the band only. Since everything is available in YT, it is a good option. It has a chat feature too. Only problem is song length limit i guess. Cant play more than a 10min long video.


Not sure and have never used it before, but maybe twitch? One of the LP fansites used it but I am not familiar with it at all

Haha stop stalking my writing on this thread @amitrish :joy:

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You can, that was just a limit we set on the old bot. Hasn’t been added to the new version. Video time is pretty much unlimited as far as I know.

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