The Ace Masters Listening Party


Didnt I say it is fun? I cant be stopped anymore. I will stalk the :poop: out of everyone now.
Now @the_termin8r is typing.

Edit: Now that everyone is scared of typing, I will go zzzleep. My work here is done. Good night.


Soo nice to have you cute lil skunk back @amitrish :joy:- and will you log in as starscream? :joy::joy:

@acemasters plug is a wonderful place for a listening party :tada:

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Thanks for welcoming me back. I dont even remember the password for that login name, but then, who knows what can happen.


Yeah, Plug is the best variant
Well, you can also make your own room but there’s already an LPU one :wink:

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I’ve started a list

Adding to it

Erm need to figure out if I can use voice chat on it ect

Will be taking request over time (NOT NOW, Please don’t request until I say)

I will need you lovely lot to help me spread the word


Plug only has a text chat.


Ok will have to figure that out later haha


Plug DJ probably is the easiest option. I held my listening party for Reliving there too and it went really well.


All yay for Plug.DJ


That came in my email and i was like maybe I’ve read smthg wrong :joy::joy:

Sure thanks!!! :grin: i know you’ve been live smtimes there lol… i sent a hi once

@amitrish lol Welcome back dude! :smiley: Good to have you back! :tada::confetti_ball::hugs:

So anyway, when is it scheduled??


Thanks! The pleasure is mine too.

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Well where were you these days? Busy with work?


Yes, kind of. It is just that I am a bit free now, and I am fully invested in making the most of that time here at LPU.

How have you been?


I wish i can be here the full time as well.
Yea I’ve been good. Thank you for asking :slightly_smiling_face: busy with my studies and pop hwre at weekends. Feels good to be a part

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I will be performing a test on Thursday

The Band


Please give me your dj.plug username so i can add you


Or just give us a link to the room.


I agree with Rob, I guess my name there is early-walker, will look it up and it’s exciting… any reason why it’s on a working day? What time do you plan to start Ace?

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Yeah, link is a good variant
I’m NickGr16 or NickGr1, I don’t remember lol


Link to the room?!?

I’ve made a playlist erm…