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Me again ? :open_mouth:
Hmm…Let’s see… :thinking:

  1. I’m always playing with my hair
  2. I’m loosing my stuffs all the time. Like, ALL.THE.TIME.
  3. I’m really absent-minded sometimes (always in fact :joy::sweat_smile:)

@Well_We_Do and @georkost, it’s your turn !


thank you! I’ll do that soon


I think I was tagged three times after I just posted the other day.

  • Facebook and YouTube are the only social media platforms I use
  • Today, I bought double-sided tape and batteries for the first time for my light from the memorial concert
  • In regards a new pair of shoes I bought recently; the inside sole on my left shoe doesn’t extend all the way out to the toes like it does in my right shoe. It stops just before the toes, and it feels weird as hell.

I’m sure, like me, you’ve already been tagged recently, so I’m tagging you again! @theearlywalker

  1. I have a dog named Caesar
  2. I’m excited to watch Christmas movies this month :heart:
  3. Star Wars releases in theaters soon!!

@hilaryfol @todd_williamson


Humm I’m going to say 6 things about myself because I was scheduled a few days ago and forgot to respond.
1 - I am addicted to sweets.
2 - I am passionate about psychology.
3 - I have a lot of music on my phone.
4- I cry very easily.
5- I almost died when I was a child.
6- I’m perfectionist sometimes.
@GioS it’s with you :slight_smile:


Thanx Andy @LP13413 and here are the news of a german soldier:

  • had a nice evening with a friend yesterday- and it was good to talk just honestly about everything that happens in my crazy life atm :blush:

  • I realized and decided that I will reduce my working hours to have more time for all the rest that I will spend my lifetime on :sunny:

  • today I have x-ray control examination in order if the implant on my cerval spine does fit still - and really? :pray:t2: It has to- I need some good news :sunny:

Tagging you my friend @anngelenee aaaand @rorybourdon ( again :joy:)


Thank you :slight_smile:

  1. I love to read books
    2.my favourite movie is “the phantom of the opera”
    3.I cook better than I clean

@anngelenee @rickvanmeijel


Lol thanks

  1. I just tried to buy tickets to see Taylor Swift. The price range is from 100 to 650 pounds. No, thank you,
  2. I am watching LOTR at the moment and I finished the Hobbit and now I am like “OMG this was filmed near Twizel! Omg the post glacier rocks look so awesome in this shot” :smiley: Too much knowledge!
  3. I haven’t change from my pyjamas since I arrived from my trip. Tomorrow work day so I have to, but I basically spent 2.5 days in my pyjamas in bed.

next person @derek @aaran

  1. I always get tagged in the morning when I’m eating breakfast… its very strange :joy:

  2. Will start doing some revision soon

  3. I’m tired :joy:

@lpfan61 @anngelenee


Have a nice day and don’t tired yourself too much! :smile: :sun_with_face: :hugs:

  1. I’m checking all notifications and then going to do my usual houseold chores… :muscle:

  2. I like dark chocolate sooo much :yum: :yum: :yum:

  3. I don’t have dogs or cats, but like to have dog…maybe someday…

@agusdbianco how’re you been?lot of time without hear of you…


Ok! Better late than never! :smiley:

1 - I’m a perfectionalist
2 - I love dogs :dog2:. I have one, he’s exactly like the one from the Up movie :heart: But he’s with my parents because we cannot have him in our flat :broken_heart: And… my husband is allergic to dogs, so… maybe I’ll never have one. Man, what one sacrifices for love :slight_smile:
3 - I want to live in a house, I love the freedom and gardening :deciduous_tree: :sunflower: :wilted_flower::four_leaf_clover:

@georkost go! :slight_smile:

  1. I love dogs (had a rottweiller and I miss her)
  2. I love to go out with friends
    3.when I was little I wanted to be a psychologist

I have it on the Switch, so we could do private matches, but we can’t play public matches, but I’d love to play with you!


Do you not have steam? :scream: How is the switch?

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I do, I just don’t really use my laptop for games very often. I have Rocket League on PS4 and Switch. The Switch is pretty awesome, though, I’ve had a blast with it

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No idea if I can play with you via steam to ps4 :confused: The switch looks great, I hope they do more with it in the future

  1. I am waiing for e LPU Orders
  2. Excited for the new jurassic world 2 trailer in december
  3. I am missing summer😂

@aaran @rorybourdon

  1. I miss New Zealand
  2. I love pizza
  3. I will spend another lonely Christmas as I can;t go home because of the job.

@AJ_7 and @todd_williamson


(I will be in mind, by your side!!! So you won’t feel lonely :slight_smile: )


(thank you)