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Thanks for the tag Sunshine @lpfan61

1- I am very happy for lpfan61, she will make a great aunt
2- I am debating staying up to watch the Berlin show on live stream
3- I need to start drinking more water

I tag @LP13413 and @rickvanmeijel


Thank’s for the tag @lpfan61 :hugs:

  1. I can’t wait to be next saturday! I took my friday off too just to get good rest before the show on saturday! :joy:

  2. I’m waiting for the streaming of the Berlin’s show. I’m glad we can see it without having an account! :grin:

  3. I’m thinking about doing a new origami project.

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Awwwww!! My dear!!! Thank you soooo much!! :heart: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :heart: :blush:


· I was scheduled to work three hours today, but I was done in about an hour and a half.
· I think we’re having pizza for dinner
· I’ve got the itch for another concert, but there’s nobody touring in this neck of the woods.

@framos1792, @intheend, and @OneMoreLight2017, you’re up!


Thanks :smile:

  1. I’m tired and I’d like to be sleeping.
  2. I have a lot of things to check out for this Monday.
  3. Coffee isn’t working on me now .-.

@rickvanmeijel and @theearlywalker you’re next.

  1. Had a good birthday went out with friends and had a nice dinner
  2. Working on a new song as usual
  3. I am officially an adult today I finally turned 18

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Thanks for the tag @Lilyope

Just can back from my niece birthday party and christening she got baptised

They made me a godparent

Getting ready to buy some girls scout cookies

I’m not going to tag anyone I’ll let the rest of them go it’s a lot lol


Thanks for the tag @AJ_7 and @IronSoldier16

1 Took an ‘offline day’ yesterday, felt really great. I might continue to take a day off every once in a while :smile:
2 I’m gonna start taking guitar lessons soon. Really looking forward to learning in a more professional way.
3 Last couple weeks I’ve been collaborating on a new music project. Can’t wait to tell you more about it :slight_smile:

I won’t tag anyone since there are already people yet to post

  1. My co-workers think I have a pizza addiction…
  2. I only ordered about 20 pizzas this year…
  3. I have a pizza addiction

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@framos1792 @samuel_the_leader @StephLP18 :blush: bump!


Honestly I have forgotten about this theard

  1. Very busy
  2. Very busy
  3. Very busy

Okay here is the real one

  1. Going to be in the adult poetry contest at the library and I will be the youngest one there
  2. Had a lot of job interviews this week in hope of finding a new job
  3. I have fallen in love with the new I prevail album

@anna834. @birdy1989


This is the first time I see this thread :yum:

Okay, 3 random facts about myself… :thinking:

  1. I’m really, really, REALLY clumsy :sweat_smile:
  2. I’m a perfectionist
  3. I’m one of the few woman who don’t like shopping :smirk: I don’t hate it, but after a couple stores I’m done and wanna go home

@justinkilmer @achilleas7


@birdy1989 Hey same here! lol. Best part is I just looked at this thread maybe like 10 minutes before you tagged me in it and was like huh seems fun :rofl: :rofl:

  1. I guess I consider myself a “hybrid nerd” - if thats a thing haha. I love things like sports, but at the same time nerdy things are also the best.

  2. I am a people person, I love being around family and friends / love to make new friends.

  3. I actually have some weird fashion sense lol (when I’m not trying to be embarrassing), when my fiancé and I go out shopping apparently I’m good at picking out things she likes. That or she’s trying to make me feel good about myself :joy::joy:

@lpfan61 @theearlywalker


I remember just now the Christmas light beard… :joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

:hugs: :hugs: :grin:

1- I’m drawing like there’s no tomorrow these days :crazy_face: :see_no_evil:
2- I need to go buy new pencils and eraser! :heart_eyes: :blush: :crazy_face:
3- Now I’m getting some relax on the sofa, tv on and forum :grin:

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I forgot about that actually :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:

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HOW could you??!? That was soooo funny! :joy:

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Good question lol :joy: I’m actually a bit disappointed in myself lol.

I suppose thats a normal day in my life so that could be it. (being funny/doing weird things not being disappointing in myself :rofl:)

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Oh I was not prepared for this, I had never even visited this thread… here goes

  1. I’m Dutch but I am currently living in Ireland (Cork, to be exact) on a one-year contract for Apple - started last November.

  2. I finally opened a Netflix account nearly a month ago but then 2 weeks ago all the episodes of this old kids’ show I used to love were posted online, and since the plot actually still intrigues me I’ve been in the process of re-watching it for the past while, so that Netflix account is awkwardly sitting there judging me.

  3. After Mike’s concert in Amsterdam, when he gave us a speech about how the little things we do give us away can really matter, I started a Make Chester Proud diary in which I note down at the end of each day what good things I did, however small. It’s been helping me take some positive steps in life; I’m eating less and healthier, drinking less, exercising a bit, and trying to reach out to people a bit more. I don’t wanna jinx it but I hope it keeps up…

@chigokurosaki @framos1792


:heart_eyes: veeeeeeeery nice!!! :heart: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

  1. So hopefully romantic that i decided to stop looking for matches and stuff…
  2. i hate crowds and i love my attic which is called agoraphobia (symbolized by grabbing a fence as in “battle symphony” clip)
    I am the real life Edward Sciscorhands and i hate cutting peepz because cutting hurts me more than those being cut so solitude it is!
  3. i’ve had an eye contact moment with Mike in 2009 when i was escorting my sister out of the front line of the crowd as Greeks were more interested in banging their muscles and skulls to each other, pushing kids towards the barrier and trumbling over people, instead of appreciating the depth of LP and bounce with it respecting those who don’t like pits but deserve the first line more than those who do!
    so as we jumped over the barrier and walked in front of Mike going out, he walked beside us on the stage and bowed down holding the mic so as to sing to my sister, thanking her for her zeal, and i raised my fist and said by doing so : “Keep it strong brother” and “thank you for this moment!” all in one.

<3 LP man!

Thank you @birdy1989 for the opportunity to share!

i don’t know many people to tag but uumm…
@the_termin8r you’re it if you ask me :stuck_out_tongue:
@StephLP18 please please please share the poem with us :slight_smile:
i hope they feel it and they feel it good :wink: