Strobe Presale? What now?

Any word from strobe on how they will handle the winners? I came in #2 and was wondering if they’ll cancel the whole contest with the tour, or if we might still receive something. It’s honestly the least of my worries right now, just figured I would make a topic for when anyone finds out about it. Thanks.

Same here though it did cross my mind to wonder if they might have somehow already signed merchandise or something…it would be a great gift to receive something he signed at least since I didn’t make it to a concert

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My thoughts exactly

Strobe doesn’t handle the merch that would be given out. This would be up to the band. I don’t think Strobe would have an answer to this at all.

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You’re probably right. Maybe we’ll hear something maybe not. They have other issues to worry about at the moment.

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I was wondering the same thing. I’m so devastated that we won’t meet them and my daughter is too. She said mom we worked so hard to meet them and now we get nothing. I would hope that when they are ready they would at least send us a merch package. It would at least make my daughter somewhat happy as she is devastated her bday is ruined since we won’t get to go to concert or meet them. I’m still heart broken and can’t even imagine what the band is going through.

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UPDATE: just received this email…

Dear Gwen,

Thank you for your message and thank you for participating in the #VerifiedFan Presale for the Linkin Park One More Light North American Tour.

We are all deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Chester Bennington. As loyal fans we know this may be a difficult time and we appreciate your understanding about the tour.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer a future meet and greet experience of any sort, but as a thank you for your continued support, we will be sending you a Linkin Park merchandise package.

To redeem your merchandise package, follow the LINK BELOW and fill out the redemption form. This will help us get your current mailing address so we may ship out your package as soon as possible.

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The email I was dreading. Welp… I’m definitely crying :disappointed:

I just got it :cry:…ugh I’m still heartbroken

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I would bet that the band communicated that to Strobe. Strobe couldn’t even get Depeche Mode to allow ONE more person into the meet and greets. . . so it’s just the #1 spot, so #2-however many get nothing. LP is known for being generous to their fans. Apparently this isn’t the case with DM.

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To make up for a meet and greet I got… a pin and a drawstring bag. Really? I don’t mean to seem ungrateful I just expected at least a tour shirt or something… idk. Just hurt. Did everyone get the same thing…?

Got your package yet? Are you as disappointed as me? :frowning:

Haven’t even received word about them but that doesn’t sound very nice…

Not at all… idk just buying SIX copies of their album, spending HOURS and days promoting their new album and all I get as a thanks is a little pin and small bag. I mean really?

Yeah it is a big disappointment
Personally I was praying they were going to have a signed tee in the package, like if it was just that I would have been over the top happy but yeah…

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I just got mine here too, the same as you
I do agree with @tenkaichi 1 and 2 should’ve had more effort into it
I also pointed out they asked for shirt sizes so to not have a shirt in the bundle is effortless on strobes part

It just seems very lazy and like they weren’t very appreciative of the winners. This whole thing has just left a bad taste in my mouth. Like it was all for nothing.

All for nothingggg, ALLL FOR NOTHHINNNGGGG!

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Thanks for the laugh :laughing:

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Are you kidding? I haven’t got mine yet and that’s what they sent? How does that make up for meeting them…ugh…I spent so ugh money and time wtf