Sorry, newbie here, trying to figure out where to post


Hello fellow LPU peeps. I’m new and I’m tryin to figure out how & where the correct forum to say hello being new and all…
I’m in New York & presently have One More Light CD in the truck at work…
Musta listen to this one cd over and over and over and over…Miss u Chester…!!!
…,if my armor breaks, I’ll fuse it back together…God, whata fkn group…!!!


Welcome to the LPU! There’s no specific thread for new users, so making a new one is fine :slight_smile: Check out the categories and feel free to join the various conversations that are going on

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Hey thanks for replying so fast…!!..much appreciated…” and nobody can save me now…!! “. Man, I’m telling ya, One More Light, in my opinion, is such a freakin masterpiece of Chester & Mike, as well as all of them of course…” Good Goodbye “…
I can’t get enough of that one particular cd for some strange reason, I listen to it over and over and over and over, I take the cd with me so whatever car I’m driving I pop it in…


You are in the right thread to say hello :grinning:


Hello and welcome


Welcome :hugs:


Ok, so a HUGE thank you to all u guys who replied. I just got a kick-ass Chester shirt from Amazon & can’t wait to wear it.
I know this site is huge so I dought I’ll be able to see everything it has to offer. If any of u could like, sort a point me in the right direction on like what’s the best places to visit, etc etc. Just an fyi, I live in New York and deeply regret that I never had a chance to see LP live…yea I know, you don’t have to say it, so I will, just like Beck put it “ I’m a loser baby so why don’t ya kill me “. I had tickets for LP on JULY 28th 2017 for Citi Field here in Queens…!!!..I’m still “NUMB”…why why why why why why…Chester…R.I.P. brother…I gotta stop typing now cause now I’m gonna get all f**ked up with emotions…


Welcome!! :sun_with_face: :smile: Nice to have you here!


Hey and welcome. :slight_smile:

That often happens here, there’s usually a regular to reply fairly quickly given that it’s not an odd time of day (the majority of us are in Europe).

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Hi and welcome! :smiley:


That’s sooooo cool that majority of you guys are in Europe…!!’s 4:36 pm here NewYork time…peace


Hello and welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you guys for welcoming me here. I’ve been trying to figure out what all these arrows, check marks, lines, etc etc do here…??..I also wanna get an avatar or at least get my profile pic…where and what do I have to do on this site to get that done…??
…I’m sure there has to be a real cool, uhhhh I don’t know, a real cool forum, topic, room to visit while I’m here logged on…??..any and all suggestions are appreciated…


Not sure which ones you mean, but if you mouse over some of it, it tells you.

You have to go to the main LPU site, log in there, change your avatar there, then come back here. Log out on this site and then log back in for it to register the change. It’s a bit off a faff.

We’ve got quite a lot of games going on, if you just scroll down the ‘latest’ page you can see what’s popular. Just jump in anywhere.

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Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to Lpunderground @mdan9mm


Wow!! You seem to be sooo “energetic” :see_no_evil:
Welcome @mdan9mm :relieved::relieved:


Lol…what would make ya say that, just because I’m on my 5th cup o coffee, 9th “5Hr” Energy Shot, 4 Red Bull’s, and that’s before breakfast…!!, kidding. Guess It depends on the time of day, the weather, what my particular job is for the day, etc etc all the factors that tells me if I’m either gonna have a good or bad day…
Hope you, as well as EVERYONE here has a great day…Peace, Mark


AHAHAHA I think you’re so funny :ghost:
Can’t wait to know you better!
Have a nice day too (don’t know what time is rn where you’re living…but yeah)


Welcome mdan9mm :hugs::black_heart: