Some smiling canvases :) (size 100x70cm)




Missed you too dude! :grin:
I only missed about the first 10% load time so I’m set for the full thing! :crazy_face::joy:

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Hi soldiers, my apologizes but i had to stop with painting because i have a lot of work actually, and now i am working on another portrait of my friend father who passed away in the mountains under avalanche, he was rescuer, great man who saved many lives and risked his own…so go and tell your parents how you love them, because you don’t know when can happen something like that :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m really sorry to hear about his passing :confused: thank you for the advice, holds sooo true! And we’ll be patiently waiting for your work to subside! :smiley:

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I’m sorry, thank’s for the great message. That’s so kind to do that for him. :pray:

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I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:. Your message is so true. We will anxiously await your paintings when you can :slightly_smiling_face:

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here is the last photo i did this week :slightly_smiling_face:


sometimes i feel like a render farm :grin::man_shrugging:t2: And btw, anyone to Mike show in Prague today?:slightly_smiling_face:


@evooba @alz89 @lpaniist you go, right?

Nice paintings as always! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Yes, we’re here.

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Nice :slightly_smiling_face: are you czech or slovak or nothing of that ? :grin:


I’m Greek.


Nevernind :grin: enjoy the show :slightly_smiling_face: idk if we’ll meet, there will be a lot of people


Here i am :blush:


That means you finished the other portrait!? You’re fast! :open_mouth: :heart_eyes:


Almost, but yeah this is gonna be fast, i did big part of work in 10 hours :slightly_smiling_face: the “underpaint” part is finished, now is time for details


This is the first time, in a long time, that I’ve stared at so many Chester pics. I don’t do it anymore.


hey your art is going really great!! :smiley: Thats sooo cooll!! :heart_eyes:

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: i hope i’ll switch it to the color mode soon

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That would be soo exciting!! :heart_eyes: