So, what did you get?


At least you were only stabbed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let me check the other options…


The other’s are pretty brutal. :joy:


I’d rather be called Xena or Zoe…


I want Sep/S/3 lol

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Good one. Anything with 3 and we’ve got The Crow sequel.


Haven’t seen those films.


I didn’t care much for the second one, except the ending. The first one is definitely one of the best movies of the 90s though. Shame Brandon Lee passed away soon after it was made.


First time I saw the movie was 2015 I think, and I’m not much older than him lol.


I must have seen it in 1995. (for the first time, much later I bought The Crow CD).


I’m 21. I also actively avoid comedy horror films, because they’re all trash.

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It is not much a horror movie I would say. Even if - it’s probably one of the two I have ever watched. Whatever. I actively avoid the whole sci-fi stuff :slight_smile:


I AM the films final girl who is raped before death at the end, when all seemed safe.


Actually i’d say the crow goes more under action than horror. There is killing, but not anything too gruesome.

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I am the person who works at the motel who is hung by my own intestines (wow) at the very start of the film (pre-credits!)


That one is the best!


As I was a bit too late for RHCP at the pyramids (got the lat 30 minutes or something), I decided to watch ‘The Crow’ for the third time to confront today myself with the teenage one.

It will always be a cult movie but I don’t find as good as I had found it in high school. Still like when justice happens to bad guys.


r u a Leo or Virgo

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i am the big chested bimbo who is tortured before being killed after betraying my friends
well thank god i havent turned 17 yet else… :no_mouth::no_mouth:


A Leo, the 12th is my bday :grin: