So, what did you get?


It is Photoshopped indeed and I edited IT a lil. But I can’t take credit. There was this chick on deviantart who had All sorts of these in her portfolio. Here is her profile BTW, if you’re curious;



Poor Mike. Some of the pics are not in a very good taste I would say. But I appreciate your contribution. I guess he wouldn’t sue you if he could see it.


Yeah some are really bad… Just to be clear though; I didn’t make those pictures but I assume the owner of that profile did…


THATS IT!! (throws down pencil)
I challenge a battle of the babies!!!

I bet my niece is cuter than your niece!!!


That’s her daughter. lol



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Interesting, everybody likes my baby but nobody even pauses over the fact that I punched a person in the face :joy:


It’s ok. You probably had a good reason. Violence is welcome here ;D


Good to know :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: (just joking)

I don’t know if it was a good reason. I was going on a bus and somebody pushed onto me from behind. I was wearing a backpack. I look behind me and there was this ugly gypsy with only a few teeth and face expression like nothing happened. My backpack was opened. At the time I was on high school, no money, family financial problems, almost living under bridge, with only one precious thing - a phone that I got from my father. Which was my everything because that phone enabled me to listen to Linkin Park, my escape from reality. My everything.

I was so scared it’s gone but when I checked my bag, it was there! Along with my wallet (with no money but all my papers in it). I was so relieved. Happy that nothing was stolen I let it go out of my head. But after a few weeks the same incident happened for the second time. The same scenario, the same stupid face. I saw my unzipped backpack, then I saw him and imagined how many poor people were robbed by him just like I would. I got so angry! My parents work their ass off to pay everything and somebody just steals things!

So I punched him :fist_right: I don’t know why it felt like van Damme giving the man what he deserves so he wouldn’t do it to anybody else.

At the time I was doing Taekwon-Do, I got almost to the black belt (I was missing money for it, otherwise I would have it). And our master always taught us 1. to control ourselves (which I didn’t manage, shame on me) and 2. to use appropriate force. That means, if somebody just pushes you with two fingers, then you cannot break his leg. And if somebody attacks you with a knife, you still cannot break anything, you just need to defend until he really hurts you.

So my thoughts at the moment were: You’re doing a stupid thing, so don’t punch too hard. DON’T PUNCH TOO HARD!

I don’t know if it was because he was so surprised or I really punched too hard (I think I didn’t), he bounced back a meter. He was shocked and held his face. I got on the bus and rode away. And the people in the bus were asking me why I did that. I told them that he was stealing and they told me I shouldn’t have done that to the poor guy. So maybe it wasn’t a good reason :slight_smile:

After the years I think it was a stupid thing to do but also I think that given the same situation, I would probably do it again :thinking:


If someone stole from me (especially a gypsy) I’d kick their fucking head in until it’s nothing but a thin veneer of pulp on the ground and I’d do the same to anyone who tried to stop me. :joy:

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Wow… From awkward nudes made in Photoshop to violence; it’s all here. :rofl::rofl:


Its not called the lunatic asylum for nothing. :joy:


You know, the problem is that if you get robbed or beaten up by a gypsy in my town, it’s a small crime. They have no money so you’d get nothing off it and they’re poor with a bad living, so getting into prison would be the best thing for them - food for free etc. That’s no punishment at all.

But if you kick a gypsy’s ass up, it’s racism (even if it’s not). And it doesn’t matter what reasons you had for what you did or what is your attitude towards other races, you’ll always end up being called a racist. You’ll have such problems that it’s just not worth it. If somebody called the police back then, I would be the one who’d have problems, not him.

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Do I strike you as a person who would care? I don’t care who you are, if you stole from me, I’m probably going to beat your brain out through your nose.


Hahaha :joy:

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I am the local crazy person who is tortured before being killed, but nobody cared about my death. :joy:

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I am the pot-smoking comedy relief, who is butchered by a cleaver, and my body was never found :joy:


I was probably the one who butchered you. :joy:


I am the quiet depressed one who is mauled by wild dogs but nobody cared about my death.


I’m a pot-smoking comedy relief who is stabbed to death but nobody cared about my death (how nice!)