Singapore Tour - who’s going?

Hey All!

Just seeing who else will be attending the Singapore Post Traumatic show?

My partner and I will be traveling from Australia. I’d love to catch up with those interested before the show. Be nice to meet some of the LPU family in Asia.



It would be nice if I was able to reach there but I can’t because it cost too much money to reach there and stuff i’m sorry :sweat::sweat::sweat::cry::cry:

Hey there… Lorna here… I will be going for the show at Singapore. Where will you guys be staying? Oh by the way, I am from Malaysia… :slight_smile:

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Hey there… Where are you from?

Hi Matt,

Where will you be staying in SG? Perhaps we could meet up before the show. I will be in SG on the 21st.

I’m from the U.S

Hey there… Ahhh then no problem… you can catch Mike or Linkin Park easily in the States. Hope you see them soon. Take care!

Thank you so much.

It looks like only 2 of us are going!


Well then have fun and also take picture as well​:blush::blush::blush:. I haven’t went to a linkin park concert or a Mike concert because I was never able to. I don’t if this is your first time ever going to a concert or not I still want you to have fun ok. If it is you and a other person going then you both have fun​:blush::blush:.

I’m going!

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Awesome!!! Hey where are you guys staying? Perhaps we could meet up and head to the venue together or something…

Hello! I’m from Singapore and I’ll be attending the show! Would be cool to catch up with LPU from across the world

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Hi Carine… Wanna meet up before the show? What time are you planning to head to the venue? :slight_smile:

Hey there… Wanna meet up before the show? Let me know… :wink:

Hey Matt, let’s see if anyone else from here would like to meet up before the show aight. :slight_smile:

Hi Lorna,

Sounds good! Hopefully Mike will do a Meet & Greet. I will be staying at the Swissotel in the city. I think its about 40 - 50 minutes away from the Venue.

Lets try and see what time people will be arriving and we all can do a catch up :slight_smile:

Looking so forward to the concert.

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Hey guys!

I’ll be flying into Singapore as well for the concert! It’s my first time doing this so I’m not sure what to expect. How many hours before the concert should we already be at the venue anyway?

I wonder if there’ll be a lot of people attending as well.

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Hey Matt,

How are you. My hotel is about 8 mins walk to the venue. Keep in touch ya. Hey… a quick question… Have you heard about a M&G? I have been logging in and nothing yet. If you do get news before me, do let me know.


See you soon!

Hello there,

Have a safe trip to Singapore. Hope to meet you before the show.