SA buy tickets hanging?

Anyone else hanging when the click the buy tickets button?


Yes, I have been trying for 3 hours now to buy tickets. I just cannot add them to the basket - started on row 4 and now on row 8 !!! Very, very fustrated indeed. We cannot even add a membership to a shopping cart either. Waste of my time !

No success. Somebody is getting through though as I also get bumped down the rows…

Yes, after i select seats, it says cannot add to basket!!! Very frustrating!!!

Same here… it sucks that we could not choose where to stand or sit, just randomly selects for you. I thought by being a LPU member we would have had that choice… I dont have tickets yet because of the website hanging… still glad they are coming.

Yes, annoying! Think SA broke it. LOL

Trust SA to break a website…look at what we do to computicket :smiley:

good luck to them when they eventually get to work and their site has crashed!! very frustrating!

same here, since 10 this morning. golden circle hanging but it gave me reserved seats which i dont want. when i chose 1 golden circle ticket, it took me to my cart…but i need 3. wont update or anything and just hanging!!!

if you google the fnb stadium seat plan you will see what sections are where, if the tickest add to the cart like they are supposed to they will be great!

Seems to be okay now.

I keep getting told ‘the page you are trying to enter requires membership’ but i have registered my trial i got when i bought the CD, serious irratating.

Hanging for me since 12 today.
I get to the “summary and payment” page where it timesout.

I got mine and all’s good golden circle standing but what i wanna know is on my ticket purchase receipt its says under Delivery method , " Will Call " what does that mean anyone??

“Will-Call” is a fancy way of saying the ticket(s) will be available for pick up the day of the show at the box office “Will-Call” window.

At check out you were asked to provide a Will-Call name for ticket pick up, if a name was provided, that person will need to be present with a photo ID to pick up the tickets. If no will-call name was provided then the person whose name is listed as the billing name in the order will need to present their photo ID to pick up the tickets.

I am still struggling to even get past the buy tickets page. I been refreshing and trying for a few hours. Any suggestions?

I phoned the support desk and they said they would escalate the call. Give them a couple of hours and keep trying.

Do you know if Golden Circle tickets are still available? When you buy does it work per row or do you get what they give you? I hope they sort out the site because I am really getting upset with not being able to buy tickets. I been waiting for Linkin Park to come to South Africa since I was a child.

Also need to know how seats are being allocated! Can anyone help? Thanks!