Rules and Structure of the LP Forum - a discussion

So, we shall see it under one very important aspect to discuss this new Topic, it is good to know, that the forum is a melting pod of every kind of fan you can imagine, and everybody takes the posts serious in a wide variety of eelings, which we have to imagine in the discussion, imo, is the rule, to treat everybody posting here as you would like to be treaten, the rest is tolerance and a kind of beeing open, the head is round, so the thoughts may sometimes can change their directions…in this sense:

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The rules are there for a reason, that’s all I’m saying.

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Yes, they are there so that people like me can find loop holes in them :laughing:

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Rules: Why do we need rules?
Rules and regulations are made for supporting people to be a part of a comunity, that way the community changes and time passes, rules have to go on with the user, and if there is shown at some point, that rules are pointless or must be reconsidered, like @LPUHQ maybe also ask, if they ask: LPU XV - What do you expect/want to see - #20 by theearlywalker - than I think they WANT us also to discuss things for making them better for us users. And if I have a look at several Topics right now here in OUR Forum, then it´ll be the discussion of why we user handle things like we do, and what the rules righ now are telling how to be…

This is a huge discussion, the murder argument at least in the moment is: these are the rules (without any differentation.)

So ´cause we´re such a great mixture of people, cause the music (and that´s what brought us together at least) touches everybody who have a lil moment to listen to, maybe we have to have other categorization than the backroom, the underground etc.

So all my thoughts about this theme are:

  1. a better reception Culture, these Topics from newbies, they just be important, but come nearly every week the same ones, maybe we get a category: I´m new here, where older members have acces to, to make them feel welcome, explaining what works how, showing own experiences, tell rules and regulations, explain things and have a

culture here for newbies

  1. M&G catgory, where all ab. m&g and EE is posted, cause these questions are the next which comes over and over again, axcesss for everybody

  2. Gaming and nifty Topic hreat, you maybe get access after earning some badges in your incomming state position, as new user, but reading access for everybody, writing there a lil later, when get in our handling

  3. Experts modus, maybe splitted in Music, Band, Releases etc, readable for everybody but writings of new members are shown, maybe in another colour

  4. At least a choosing-my-state opption, filled in by the user itself, maybe shown with diff. colours , categories like
    Extreme Fan
    Dying for LP-Fan
    LP-FM Listener
    etc. so you can see in the post, how much they´re in the theme, the spirit and at least the livestyle.

  5. The badges-thing must be more transparent, even though the upgrade from one fanstatus to another (right now it´s to much “selforganisated” and self-expanertory…that none get it really)

Ya see, @EvoOba, @the_termin8r1, @Chris_Styles @TripleXero, @lp13413 , for example, ´cause you´ve discussed over rules, what are your solution proposal, in a constructive way to make everything clearer on the LPUXV?I Please use this Topic, I think discussions are allowed in every way/theme, but: Treat the other like you will be treaten!! :sweat_smile:

@The_early_walker All those categories you’re suggesting already exist.

The badges are kind of stupid if you ask me. Are we like competing on who has the most or what? Plus, there are a bunch of people who already have tech issues with those so why even have them? Everyone should just be a “member”.

As for categorizing the fans, that’s a big no-no for me. We’re all equal in here, no one should be labeled based on their loyalty/interest/whatever you wanna call it in the band. It will make things much worse, people will fight over who’s a “better” fan.

@evooba, it is not my point to categorize fans by their kind of membership, which is already happening, look at the badges and their value or relation they have for your own activities here on the platform. My point is looking at the needs people have, when they become or are members inhere, inhere, we´re all equal with equal rights, but the needs are different. When I remember my first time here on the forum, it was not understandable for a newbie. So a post may, like happend to me, get online as another Topic, and you newbie get a real tough announcement, from he Topic author, that´s not right!!! And how you have to behave inhere. That´s even a kind of learning, but I prefer that one without personal reaction causing trouble inside of the member.

After that action, now maybe 1 year and three month later, I found my way to act here and have a lot of joy, but I think, it would be easier, if you can do it on a structured and regular way, that´s all, and, at least: only my oppinion… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not exactly sure if I understand what you mean. If you’re talking about the general rules and how the forums work, those are all under the code of conduct tab. It already exists as well.

Yes I know, but do you think it´s alive here on our forum/plattform???

@evooba ot, had lunch, take a coffee now, nice to be online together :grinning:

The forums are dead anyways, they’ll never be as active as they once were back in the day unless something spectacular happens.
That tab is open for comments and stuff so I assume that if anyone has questions or concerns they can always post there. It’s not like there should be a how-to-use-the-forums and dos-and-donts thread pinned up top. People are simply expected to read the guidelines.

OT: @EvoOba come onto the LPU chat, me and the early walker are on.

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Badges were not created to create competition. If you are an LPU member you have a badge once you login the forum. We also included some other ones for Moderators, Band, Staff etc… nothing more.



There are our HQ-guides, thanks @LPU_HQ Lorenzo, for giving a clear announcment! We all waited for that, one way or another, so let´s all keep looking forward to the LPUXV, :heart_eyes:

I know that was the point for them but some people seem to “try” to get as many as possible. Thanks for the blurb you posted btw, will help a lot! :slight_smile: