Roundhouse March 10th London

I should of emailed everyone that messaged me but if not let me know re WhatsApp group

By the way, anyone else is yet to receive their tickets? :frowning:

Yes I still haven’t received mine!!. I called the roundhouse this morning and apparently because they have so many tickets to send out, they are being sent out in batches. I was told that I should have them before the show, but worst case scenario, turn up at the box office at 5pm on the day with ID and they will reprint them.

Yeah, I emailed them today and they said to wait until tomorrow, else I’ll have to collect from the box office. Wondering what I paid all these admin fees for :/// If they have so many tickets, could’ve started sending them months in advance.

Hi, does anyone know if there will be a separate queue for LPU members for this like at LP events?

Do you mean early entry? Nothing has been announced as far as I know.

Just seen this thread, been rubbish at getting online lately!
If it’s not too late can I be added to the meet up WhatsApp group!? :slight_smile:

What time are people planning on queuing at the venue and what time is the LPU meet?


It’s not too late I’ll add you in!

Also just waiting for my plane back from Berlin see Mike last night was amazing!!


It’s a great group on WhatsApp. Thanks go out to Alz for setting it up.

One week people! I’ve just paid for my £115 taxi home and don’t feel phased by the fee. Really hoping to win M&G this time, it’s unreal how many times I’ve failed lol

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Has anybody sorted a flag for the show? I’m happy to do it if nobody else has done it yet.

Thanks Andrew! Just happy we all get to chat before the gig!

That chat is way too busy for me. I just woke up to 187 messages. I’m used to that sort of thing from the normal LPU chat.

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Can I be added plz.

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Me i got my tickets last wednesday

Hey guys,

My friend can’t go to the show so if anyone needs a ticket let me know. She is giving it away for £80, it is a floor ticket.

email sent

That’s a face value £40 ticket…‘your friend’ is as bad as a ticket tout


I know, but she actually paid 132 for her ticket so fair enough for her.

Hey guys, I’m sorting the flag for the stage for London. So I’ll be getting doodles and messages from fans before the show. Keep your eyes out for me :slight_smile:


Hey, I am going to the show on my own. Would you be able to add me to the group please!? That would be awesome :blush::blush: my email is

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