Roundhouse March 10th London

PMs don’t exist on this forum.

That’s why I never found it :crazy_face: thank you!!! :sweat_smile:

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I’ve also got a what’sapp group with everyone from the meet up etc

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I’d love to join any WhatsApp groups but I don’t really fancy putting my number on here :laughing:

What about an email?😊

Ive sent you emails back @saml123 and @morlin_s :grinning:

If anyone else wants to join the WhatsApp group for the 10th just write your email down here and ill contact you. Thanks! not long now!

Ive also managed to add you in as well! :grinning:


I got my tickets today!!



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Email sent back :grinning:

email sent back

Prefer whatsapp! Can you write an MP with you number? :smile:

Wow! Nice! I let you my email as well

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Found this in case anyone was interested. Someone is selling their tickets

More tickets released, for those that couldn’t grab any.

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Wow that’s good!