Roundhouse March 10th London

Hi guys, I created this facebook group ( ) for all the people attending the show, mostly to share photos/videos/thoughts after the show, as it’s far easier to do it on the group than on the chats. I’m currently on like 5 chats and a constant flood of messages is a nightmare :smiley: Please feel free to join! xx

Email sent

Hey guys, does anyone know roughly what time the meet and greet emails will go out for this one?

A day or so before the show.

Hey, late to the bandwagon but can I get in on the WhatsApp/Facebook/however? My email is thanks :slight_smile:

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Can I be added too please?

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It won’t send I’ll tey again

Hi, I’m travelling down from Edinburgh for this and the Amsterdam shows, would love to meet some other people going too! My email is if you want to add me to the WhatsApp group.

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Email sent

I can’t wait until Sunday, i’m going with my husband who doesn’t want to go lol

Ill be there, saw his set at Leeds last year so can’t wait for this

Asked to join your Facebook group :smiley_cat:

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I’ve asked to join as well but nothing yet

Hello everyone! I’ll be going alone on Sunday unfortunately but I’m planning to start queueing quite early. Anyone else going alone too and would like company ?


Excited for Sunday! I’ll try to be there as early as possible (I’m working unfortunately).

@jkyaldi3 I’ll be in Amsterdam as well!

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I can add you into the WhatsApp group so you know when people are arriving etc? If you want to be added in?

Yes please! Shall I send you my number ?

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What’s your email and I’ll get your number on there it’s safer.

Do you know if the email for the m&g have just been sent out??


No news as far as I know, no people in the FB/WhatsApp has received anything, so either we didn’t get selected or the mails haven’t been sent out yet.