Roundhouse March 10th London

I’m going alone too, there are plans being made to meet up before the concert to have a beer or two before the concert. Ask in the FB or WhatsApp group :wink:

which group??


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I’d love to join but I’m planning to queue quite early so I wouldn’t want to move and lose my place in the queue :tired_face:

Email sent

Stage flag is almost ready guys. Keep your eyes open for me on Sunday. We’ll get this signed, say hi, take selfies…etc


Hey guys, we’re doing a flash mob during WYG. Please print a copy out if you want to participate :slight_smile:


I cant print anything unfortunately. Maybe someone will have two copies

Hi there! :slight_smile: Get the high quality version of the sign above and some other designs from the group here:

I’m still waiting to join

I’ve printed some…not in colour so I coloured them in myself…got about 6…might do more if I have time

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I’ve been able to get 5 color print from work too (I don’t have a printer at home) but they are a3, not A4 :sweat_smile:

M&gs emails have been sent. Check your inboxes guys.

I don’t see anything, I guess I was unlucky then. :sleepy:

Same, nothing for me either.

This looks amazing :heart_eyes: - this was about your banner by the way, the post didn’t tag the image. Are you planning to get down to the venue with it early?

Thanks. Yes, I’ll be there early :slight_smile:

What time you planning on arriving? Hopefully I’ll catch you and the banner, looks amazing!

hey all.
Seems I was unlucky with the meet n greet. Gutted! late to the party but my email is (silly I know!) if I could be added to the WhatsApp please? I’m going alone and would love to meet for a couple of beers before the show. :slight_smile:


Email sent