Roundhouse March 10th London

No luck for me as usual! see you sunday!

I could be going solo now so I may have a spare ticket if anyone needs one…

Hi I’d like to pls. Email is thanks

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Could you try again? I’m not seeing your request. Might be because I’m on mobile, it’s a mess here. :confused:

Anyone in here got to go to M&G? :smiley:

I’m having some ticket problems which is a bit of a shame, I bought a spare and i’ve sent it to someone but royal mail don’t seem to have delivered it and there tracking is being useless :frowning:

I have my ticket though! Looks like I didn’t get M&G, but that’s fine, cause I wanna queue a bit before hand to ensure good spot, apart from that I am excited!

Email sent

I think I’m in it now?!

No m&gs for me either but that was expected so no big deal.

I’m a bit upset since I won’t be able to leave work as planned anymore. I need to figure out what to do :frowning:

Hi I will email you as soon as I know for sure

Anyone been to the roundhouse before? Any protips? What is the view going to be like?

I did see they had some bars, was wondering if you could go to them and use that as a sneaky earlier entry( works at some venues haha!) but it appears to be on a different floor, so I don’t think so!

The only people getting in before doors are the ones going to the m&g. Roundhouse staff is pretty strict when it comes to all that.

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Hi, my friend and I are coming to the roundhouse concert. She’s arriving today and would like to meet up with some people for company (I don’t arrive until Sunday). Could you please add her to the WhatsApp group?
Thank you!

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I’ve just sent her an email

How do i get in on the WhatsApp group action??

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Thank you!!

Late to the party, coming to London show. My email:

See u tomorrow!

Guess I didn’t get a M&G :frowning:

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Email sent

What’s your email?

Can I be part of the WhatsApp group to? :sweat_smile:

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