Roundhouse March 10th London


Need your email


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#256 :smile:

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Dont forget my request!


Eh? What request?


To record the speech (if there is one) before In The End


I’ll try if I remember and if I’ve got enough space on my phone.

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I’ll try and get it as well

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Thank you @alz89

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No worries! I’m also going again to Prague so will try get it again there :smile::joy:

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I’m planning on filming the whole show. I’ll put it on my YouTube account hopefully Monday.


Do you guys think there will be any surprises?


What sort of surprises?


Hi can i join in the wats app group pls

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As in special guests, fans on stage, debut of a song and stuff like that.


I don’t know, there might be a guest.


Id love don bronco to nip back home with mike to do A place for my head at the tomorrow’s show, but mike might have something planned with laFontaines??

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I’m expecting something special or different as it it’s the only uk date! As long as it’s not stormzy!!! Apfmh would be amazing!!!


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