Roundhouse March 10th London

Hey I know I’m late but can I get in the WhatsApp?
Ma email:

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Have fun today everyone

Someone get me a shout out lol

Hey, I’m going to be going alone now as my sister can’t make it, would be good yo meet with some people before the show.

I have a spare ticket too if anyone needs it? Bought from roundhouse so it’s collection before the event

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I’m here!!

Email sent

If I haven’t added anyone in let me know as getting confused now hahah

Hi hon, glad your there, I’ll be there soon. I got yoyr email but you’ve not added me to the wats app chat

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@lorna22653 wished i had the money because i would of taken it

Added in now

Any idea of stage times tonight and poss finish times? Last train home leaves Leicester square around 2335! Also what’s the best station to alight? Camden town or chalk farm ?

Have a spare ticket aswell

Only looking for what I paid, 40 pounds, if you can do that? Would be gutting for you to miss it!

Is it right before the event or do you have any info? Can I get it anytime today or do you know at what time?

PLS answer me asap cause I am on my way to Camden now!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

If you have no joy my spare will be available…i plan to arrive around 8pm at the venue

Hey! Can collect 2 hours before doors!! So will get there 4ish xx

Okay perfect! I am just having a bite in Camden rn and will head to the venue at 4-5 ish!! See you there!

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Email me your number and I’ll text you so you have my number and then you can ring me when you’re about! :slight_smile:

On route now! :grin::grin:

We just met Matt! And his parents were photobombing us :stuck_out_tongue: (ignore my face btw)