Rick van Meijel music projects

I will check it soon I have just been extremely busy but I look forward to listening to it because you always make such wonderful music

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That track is awesome indeed, even though I don’t understand a word either :joy:

I’m planning to work this out soon, I’m not sure how to do it yet.

We flew out to each other’s homes every other week.

Now in all seriousness, yes, we met and communicated online. Our process went like this: @MenyaNet would send me a demo, I would add and change stuff and send it back to him. This back and forth went on until we were satisfied with the track.

Like I said to you earlier, it’s always a pleasure to share the music and see your feedback. Thank you!!
Edit @AJ_7: forgot to mention, I understand what you’re saying. We wanted to create a balance of both heavier and softer parts, both in between the tracks and in the tracks themselves. Glad you noticed :slight_smile:

You keep reminding me :joy:

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


I’m not alone! :joy:

@NickGr @jabinquaken , do you know @MenyaNet songs? :smiley:

:joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Wow! You guys are great! :heart_eyes:

Good job @AJ_7 !! :grin:


@rickvanmeijel - Congratulations on the new EP!!! I’m among those who’d like to hear your voice. :slight_smile:

@lpfan61 - I found меня нет also here (as I’m not on Spotify):

I’m really happy to be able to hear artists other than American and British ones.


Thank you for checking in and showing your support! :blush: That’s quite a few people would want to hear my voice, unfortunately I can’t sing in my opinion :sweat_smile:.

Btw You can find links to Menya Net’s channels in each track description, both on YouTube and SoundCloud.


thank you so much for the feedback, I am very pleased and important it is very cool that someone likes what I do) there are texts in bandcamp and they can be translated via google translator to catch the idea)) , I think if Rick and I continue our cooperation, then we can try to sing in English) thanks a lot)


You’re very welcome! :blush:

Ok! I’ll do as soon as I can :wink:

Oh yeah! You both have to keep going! :heart_eyes:


eeeee! I was unblocked)) thank you all for your support!)


I really enjoyed it @rickvanmeijel Thanks again for sharing your work with us. And keep on making music


Welcome to the LPU man! :smiley:

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you :blush:

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um… @rickvanmeijel ? everyone has said everything anything left? :grin: it was simply perfect! :musical_note:


Welcome to this wonderful place - @MenyaNet you are very welcome :tada::sunny: we already love you :sunny:


Thank you very much. it means a lot to me and I am very glad that there are such wonderful people like you all. thank


Thank you for your support Honey :blush:

Like @theearlywalker said I’m glad you joined us here. Feel free to check out other conversations, there’s much activity going on


I’m still lost in here

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It will come!
Take your time!
Welcome to the forum!
And thank you for your music!

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Welcome to the forums @MenyaNet ! Glad you are here.

For just a general discussion on what you are upto you can post on here:

For games it’s on here:

The top most post (first one) tells you how to play the game or what to post in a specific topic

We’d love to have you join our other discussions!


Aye, @MenyaNet welcome!
Do not be lost! Follow my voiceeeeee :ghost:


I will definitely try in the coming days, thanks


thank you. I will try to

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