Ranking every LP Song

How would you guys rank every Linkin Park song. Your list may contain songs from the regular version of each album, along with High Voltage, My December, New Divide, Not Alone and Blackbirds. It may not contain Foreword, Wake, The Radiance, Empty Spaces, Jornada Del Muerto, Wisdom Justice and Love, Fallout, Tinfoil or the Summoning. I love every Linkin Park song, so don’t get any ideas.

Here’s my list

  1. The Catalyst
  2. Easier to Run
  3. In Pieces
  4. Somewhere I Belong
  5. Leave Out All The Rest
  6. Castle of Glass
  7. Numb
  8. A Line in the Sand
  9. Points of Authority
  10. The Little Things Give You Away
  11. I’ll Be Gone
  12. No More Sorrow
  13. Pushing Me Away
  14. Breaking the Habit
  15. Valentine’s Day
  16. Lying From You
  17. Given Up
  18. From the Inside
  19. One Step Closer
  20. Faint
  21. Iridescent
  22. Not Alone
  23. Lost in the Echo
  24. Waiting for the End
  25. Powerless
  26. Blackout
  27. Final Masquerade
  28. Shadow of the Day
    28.5. War (Sorry, forgot at first)
  29. Runaway
  30. Burning in the Skies
  31. Until it’s Gone
  32. Figure.09
  33. Robot Boy
    33.5. Wastelands
  34. Skin to Bone
  35. Guilty All The Same
  36. Papercut
  37. Don’t Stay
  38. Rebellion
  39. Victimized
  40. The Requiem
  41. My December
  42. Blackbirds
  43. What I’ve Done
  44. Burn it Down
  45. New Divide
  46. Roads Untraveled
  47. Forgotten
  48. Session
  49. Hands Held High
  50. In The End
  51. When They Come For Me
  52. In My Remains
  53. All For Nothing
  54. Bleed it Out
  55. Cure For the Itch
  56. The Messenger
  57. Nobody’s Listening
  58. High Voltage
  59. Wretches and Kings
  60. Until It Breaks
  61. Crawling
  62. With You
  63. Drawbar
  64. Keys to the Kingdom
  65. By Myself
  66. A Place For My Head
  67. Lies Greed Misery
  68. In Between
  69. Hit the Floor
  70. Mark the Graves

And I thought I was bored lol. I can’t list them like this, I can only put them in like and dislike sections.

Can’t do that. My favorite songs tend to change depending on my mood and stuff. Plus, similar topic already exists here


Hm, I might do a list like this, but I don’t have time to think and make itd :smiley: I have over 80 songs by LP on my phone and even more on CDs (cause of LPU albums I have, I don’t have LPU on my phone, except songs like Across The Line)

I probably wouldn’t be able to decide myself either. I could probably go based off my plays on iTunes, but shuffle takes part in that and it might not be accurate

I simply ranked them album by album. It takes time. So first, I put Papercut in, then I had to decide whether I liked One Step Close more than it or not. As more music was added to the list, It became progressively harder to decide.

@TripleXero sth if I shuffle I get even the right song I needed in this moment…cool:relaxed:

Or you could come up for a star rating for every song and then work your way from there.

Umm, no, that’s a bad idea, if I used a star rating then every song would be No. 1.


So technically you shouldn’t have a list either way then since you would rate them all the same then.

They are all amazing, but I like some more than others.

Exactly, so then they’re not all 5 stars then.

I think this is what he means, not just a single star on ones you like

I think the most liked by oneself are changing effected by very many soft reasons

How frickin cute are these :)heart_eyes:


ok @the_termin8r1 no emotions no more, for keeping your respect

But how´s the game going on?

Don’t worry, you won’t be losing my respect. It’s just that I’m not somebody who finds things cute.

ok I´m doing a beep word than kinda c***! Then it´s not too c***, or what do you think?