Ranking every LP Song

I’m confused now lol. Are you angry at me for some reason?

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no, I only registrated that your system broke down by the L*** Word, so I try to shelter you by saying c*** :relaxed:

hey and you did the 1000th post at the “shoulder” topic, I posted right 30 min back
ois easy


Or are we talking about the synonym for the female reproductive organs?

@the_termin8r1 CUTE!!! You said, the word is no go and I don´t want to ruin your CPU again… Sry, if it was misunderstandble, I think, whats the worst grade in school? F, maybe my English is used to be misunderstood, :laughing:

Sorry :sweat_smile:

Hey man, did you see me sooooo wrong? I´m one from the good side (who gets on her mouth every and every damn day for beeing trustably, open and real)