Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion

Sometimes, I love watching people (especially hip-hop heads) reacting to some of Linkin Park’s music for the first time.


That was a really fun watch :slightly_smiling_face:
Hearing someone out of the genre look at their performance objectively and appreciating that level of skill was fantastic
We were talking about those screams today and yeah, that skill is just ridiculously insane


I watched this guy’s channel a few weeks ago. Nice to hear that he likes what I like. But I started wondering if he’s credible. ‘Faint’ is not the only one song by LP that he reacts to. And he admires everything, no shade of critisism at all. I guess such channel shouldn’t present only admiration to what they are believed to comment on. And I don’t think this was his first reaction to the music by LP. He must have known it before.

I watched also another guy commenting on LP music. His intensions were quite funny. He said he chose LP cause it would bring him many viewers.




Hahaha just came home to find a package of www.bol.com. I’m like “I didn’t order anything, except the book ‘Learning Not To Drown’, but I talked to customer service about the fact that it’s delayed :thinking:”.

Is it a Tony’s Chocolonely bar with a card which basicly says: sorry for the disappointment that your product is delayed, I wish you a nice vacation. :joy: I love their customer service, it’s one of the best.


The radio station I listen to did a spicy chocolate challenge

So, as I may have mentioned before, my manager and I and a few other friends take part in a music quiz held every month at a nearby pub by one of our regular customers that happens to be a pretty big music journalist here in the UK (won’t reveal the name for obvious reasons).

Anyway, tonight was quiz night and I was talking with the guy at the end, telling him about gigs I have coming up and obviously Mike came up. He told me he interviewed Mike and Chester 2 years ago for OML and thought they were two of the most incredible and genuine people he had ever met. I was so happy and grateful to hear it, like I don’t know… I know they are but coming from a professional it was just wow! He told me about that day a bit and all that, such an amazing memory. He said he’s going to email me the interview so I might share it with you guys.


Omg @evooba, that is amazing!!! Ofc we know they are cool, nice, sweet, caring, loving and so on, and so on. But it IS cool to hear it from a pro :smile: would be incredible if your able to share the interview here :pray:t2:

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I guess we even know some proofs to support this statement…



Couldn’t agree more :pray:t2:

Just read the whole article. It’s pretty accurate if you ask me. I reconize a lot of it in my 2 depressions.

This is sooooo true…
"We can also find purpose by caring for someone else. When we take the spotlight off of us and start to think about someone else’s needs and wants, we begin to feel that our lives matter. This can be achieved by volunteering, or taking care of a family member or even an animal.

Feeling that our lives matter is ultimately what gives us purpose and meaning – and this can make a significant difference for our mental health and well-being."

Makes me think of :heart: Chester :heart: bless his soul… I have the exact same thing: every single day, I try to help others and make others feel better. When I see that worked, I feel better too :blush: it makes total sense that it has to do with the fact it gives us purpose and meaning… Never thought about it that way. Thanks for sharing @LP13413 :kissing_heart:



Amen x2 on your last two posts on this thread :slightly_smiling_face:


This is what happens when your veterinarian tells you that you’re eating too much and you need to exercise.


You just lay down next to the sport equipment and you think that the job will be done itself.


My glasses broke earlier this morning :upside_down_face:

Time for new frames…

That sucks :no_mouth: